Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sundown Meltdown

I might be staying at one of the hostels in Joo Chiat Road as they are the nearest hostels Changi Airport. Now transportation: if some of us are meeting somewhere beforehand then it would be great since we can go to the race venue together. If that is the case, I could book hostels near the town since MRT would be in abundance (the one in Joo Chiat road requires me to walk a bit and coming back at 1am like that... i dont think so)

I have a slight problem.

 Last year, in a haste and caught up with all the hype and excitement, I registered for Sundown. I checked the 21k box. I like 21k. Just as I like 10k. And I want to do another 21k because I thought back then that I would be ready. I mean, I was in the midst of 'recovery and resting' and my next race was only 2 months away (ENR) you know, you know...

 Forgetting about my knees, which is more to paranoia than actual pain (I hope so, but I am being very very careful with them still), I have lost the mental ability to cope with longer runs. Some parts of it were due to lack of training - my legs and body feel uncomfortable at 10k mark now - and of course the big part is that I have forgotten what it felt like to run for longer distances. All I could think about is how tiring it would be, since I was struggling to complete a 10k. And since I've been doing a lot more of something else other than running my mindset has somewhat changed. I think running in general is tiring. Maybe I'm just ridiculously scared for my knees but it is - gasp - dangerous too. Oh God help me I've been rudely converted! Now I know why non runners think runners are crazy.

 So my next race would be the Sundown and I'm seriously considering not to go. So many excuses come to my mind now - the exact opposite when I was dying to enter races, so many reasons I give to myself - the trip is expensive, haven't booked for transportation, hotel, don't know who to bring along, etc etc.

 I have 3 more weeks to get ready for a 21k. So far I've only managed to do about 4 5ks and that's it. 

 Plan A:
 - Run on Tuesdays. (5-6ks)
- Do a longer run on Sunday.  But this could be hard since I have reserved my weekends for activities other than running. Unless I run later, say at 10am. Or maybe I could run in the evening. Running has no rules right? But I'm looking forward to run with friends who are going to attempt all the same races I would. Hmmm.
- Maybe run on Thursdays too. But this is optional since I don't want to overdo the running.

Plan B
- have someone pick up my bib since I'm not going.

 To other Sundown runners: how are you guys going to Singapore? By bus, driving there, or by plane? And what's the nearest hotel/hostel there? Need to figure out my budget and what to say/explain to parents since I just got back from Singapore.


  1. Nadia

    If you are not ayeing any PB in Sundown, may be a slow run would bring u to the finishing line safely. But again subject to your knee condition. Key thing is not to injure yourself. If you think the knee would be able to handle the run, lets have some fun at Sundown. I also not sure how to go. The plan is to join the others since it will be first going down south for a run.

  2. Gosh..Sundown is like the best race i entered so far..last year i get 2nd place with my teammates took part in relay then go to redeem our adidas voucher..syiokk gile.. haha..this year i'm not going so need to consider taking part next year..

    if possible, advice u to go..but if ur injury still not okay then it's better to recover first..still have next year..
    i stay in JB so the expenses not really concern me..

  3. no, im not eyeing for a PB, the only thing I want is to finish it safely and also to have fun doing it.

    let's see what the others have to say on the traveling/accomodation arrangements. I'm ok with doing it solo, but this time around might be fun to do it as a group. hhehe

  4. jiha: ive never tried sundown.. so don't know the experience but im guessing it would be a great one! and lucky you that you stay in JB! hehe

  5. Oh dear Nadia. You just need to think what's best for you. The very least a slow run alternating with walk throughout it. At least to enjoy the experience with Sundown and Singapore. I am flying there (prebooked half a year ago) and bunking at a friend's place. Mahal giler stay in Singapore. The bus there is also a good choice and quite comfy too.

    ziff, you're doing half at sundown too?

  6. yim: havent decided if im going alone or with a friend, but if im going alone i'd probably play it safe and stick to hostel near to the race venue.

  7. I havent really plan sundown yet, but I will probably take a bus down on Friday morning as my race starts Saturday pm. I am staying at my mom's house and then go back KL on Sunday.

    If I am meeting the other Sundown runners this Saturday, I'll see what the guys are up to that weekend.

    Nadia, I recommend you do Sundown. It's one of the best race in town and you got one of the most exclusive ticket to a sought-after race in this region. If you are 100% sure you don't want to go, then don't go. If its 50-50, then I suggest, don't think too much, and just go.

    I know you can complete it. But you also need to think about post run. Are you going to pay for the decision you are making today? Don't listen to what I or others say. Listen to what your body say.

    If you decide to go, you better start to do something. you can power walk the whole 21k, you know.

  8. You can take the bus. Some very comfy buses that lots of runners like are or

    The nearest hotel should be the Changi Village, but I'm not sure if there's still available rooms coz it's only about 3 weeks away. You can google lah.

    I'm flying there, reasons:

    (1) I want to be able to collect my kit on time, sundown race collection closes 12noon on saturday. And I don't want to come on Friday and spend an extra day.
    (2) When I come back, don't want to think about having to disembark the bus a few times for customs when I can't walk. If fly, only once lah at arrival.

    And I think if you can powerwalk it, then you shouldn't miss it. Sundown attracts a large crowd, and this is the first time they're having the 21k, so maybe more people there. In 2008 there were so many 42k runners that I, with my kind of pace, was in the middle pack! You can just treat it as a fun getaway, instead of a race, and you'll still get a medal.

    It's a nice experience, and since you already paid for it, don't let someone else have the fun lah.

  9. Yim, yes, am going there for a half M. Managed to buy a bib from someone.

  10. haza and kash: my apprehension for sundown is only because of poor training. I sorta have neglected to plan for this race as I was not doing much running. I'm thinking that i could bunk in at any hostels but not sure about the transportation. especially in the middle of the night.

    well, we'll see!

  11. nadia, I've never run sundown and thought it will be a good experience to try it this year. I'm not prepared, mentally and physically. I wanna do it just for the experience,walk if I have to. Come and let's run/walk. Worst comes to worst, just grab a cab or MRT to the finishing line ... :)