Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Run

Sometimes all you need is a rest.

Monday was a complete rest day. For once, my whole being didn't complain about the lack of exertion. My body gratefully accepted the chance of a rest, and my mind didn't seem to mind hanging out at home watching downloaded movies.

By Tuesday I was raring for a run. So that's what I did, grabbed my knee guards, keys, etc and headed out. This time around I was happy and energetic. I couldn't wait to run. I felt like I could cover all the roads - I wanted to cover all the roads. I wanted to run faster. I wanted to go to the other neighbourhoods. I wore my favorite grey t-shirts because I love to see how much I'm sweating and was smiling to myself as I headed out.

The start of the run was already going up a false flat. I like it because it warms my legs up even more. After 1km of the flat comes the downhill. I went really slow for this. I smiled to the other uncles and aunties passing me, waved to kids stuck with their tricycles inside their gates. I was in a good mood, really! I'm running, my legs making quick effortless steps and I'm loving the feel of the road and the constant motion of my body. I stepped on fallen leaves and rotting branches, chocolate wrappers, all the decorations of the road. I ran on the wet grass for the sake of it.

Then it was the killer incline, except, right then, it wasn't killer at all. I needed more hills. No, I WANTED more hills. I wanted to be scared so badly, I wanted to froth at the mouth climbing up the hills with my legs. I am tired of tackling hills using wheels, be it bicycles or in-line skates. With that thought, my pace picked up. I guess I was grateful for being able to run up the hills. My breath started to come out in labored gasp. My chest started to to tighten. I'm just at the top and it felt so short. Just as I thought it, I've reached the peak. I was sorry that it was over. I felt like doing it again, except going downhill is NOT an option.

Just like that, my quick tune up run is over. I wanted more, faster, but this isn't a race. I just needed to lube the machine. My ankles hurt, and I could feel blisters forming at the arch of my left foot. All these could be mental downers in the upcoming race, when I will attempt to complete a half marathon. I haven't been running long in ages. To be honest, the thought of it sounds boring. Who cares? Right? Damnmit, I could be crying in pain throughout the race, and I would not care. I am running, I could be by the roadside eating gum, I could be doing anything, but I am running. I don't care for trainings or tapering.

I don't have a plan. I never did. And I suck with my ankles, and my knees and my nutrition is out of whack but you know what? I'm still running, because it's just about doing it. Life is too short to worry. Especially after a nice 10k run.

I want more hills.

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  1. I think this is where you shine. Free running.