Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yesterday night, from Subang Jaya to Shah Alam and back, I caught sight of 6 runners. The first one was a lady running on her own, in the deep phase of her running I might say, eyes focused, breathing slightly laboured, confident, determined stride.

"Look at her! She's running at night. Great! And I'm in my caftan nightgown." I thought to myself.

I remember this running shoe ad in a running magazine that showed a woman in a car stuck in traffic and a runner was running across the road. The tagline says, "Have you ever wondered why you see everybody running only when you're doing anything but?" I felt exactly like that woman. I felt it all the time when I see someone running andI'm in the car driving. Once, I sent my boyfriend off to work and saw a lady running hard in the sun and I felt like leaping out of the car and joining her.

More runners sighted. But instead of feeling more down, I felt inspired and happy. I love the dedication that mirrors (or would have mirrored) my own. Runners are an exclusive group. Only we know why we're crazy enough to feed this addiction.

The last pair of runners I saw last night was these 2 uncles, running in a very old fashioned gear - meaning headbands, worn out Jogathon-designed tshirt, flourescent strips on muted jogging shorts - and the sight of them was awesome only because they looked every bit the part of dedicated weekend warriors that in my eyes, should be honored more than pro athletes. Nobody paid them to do this and they're doing this even at their age. Without thinking I lowered my car window.

"Hi uncles! Running for Sundown?" I hollered.
"Hi yes yes!" they answered enthusiastically. "You too?"
"Yes. See you!"
"Come join us," the Indian uncle said.
"But I'm wearing caftan," I laughed. By this time I have slowed down my car in order to be beside them.
"Nevermind, running need only shoes. Barefoot also can," the Chinese uncle cajoled me.
"Next time ok? Keep running," I said as they waved me off with a smile.

And then I did something cheesy - I yelled out a parting remark - "Go Subang runners!"

WHY DID I SAY THAT? I burned in shame all the way back. Goes to show when you're high up your brain can't think properly. This is worse than me meeting any celebrities. I remember bumping into George Clooney at the airport when I was 20 and even then I was in check. But if I were to bump into George Clooney training hard for a marathon??? I'd probably bite my tongue, choke in excitement, and babble like a dolt.

Happy weekends lovelies. My menu for the weekend is all planned out, amazing workouts with great company. I promise to squeeze in an LSD this week. I PROMISE.


  1. Lol great read to lighten the day. You do whatever you fancy and without a care in the world. Have a roving weekend!

  2. all for the love of running... enjoy your runs!