Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I might come across as being quite sedentary in this blog but it's just because I'm a lousy minute by minute updater. I have been doing some activities, albeit way low key than if I was gearing up for a race that I want to run really well in.

 But first, Sundown updates:
1) I think I'll probably stay at the hostel in Joo Chiat Rd since it's reallllly cheap (RM 36) eventhough the MRT is quite far and the area is a bit rowdy. I'm quite spent this month so can't really splurge on a decent hotel.
2) I'm left to figure out the transportation. Where would the race kit pickup place be again? Need to figure out transportation from bus stop-race kit place-hostel-race venue-hotel. Hoping that the taxis are in abundance after midnight. (I think I'd probably finish in 3hrs)

 Today I went for a recovery run. Wanted to run a normal 5k loop but since ankle is still painful and calves are sore I figured a slow relaxing short run would be more beneficial. So I forgo my normal 5k route and decided to explore my neighbourhood. For areas that are gated, I cheerfully asked the guards if I could pass through and run inside and all of them were okay with it, even passed me the thumbs up as if I'm running in a race! 

 It was a nice run. I think I ran for 30 minutes, distance not measured, but roughly around 5k, not more. Came back and stretched for a long period, concentrating on my legs and calves. Ankle still is painful and I have no idea why. Oh well.

 I really miss the passion I have for running. It used to be the sole reason I was totally grounded and happy, and I felt strong and healthy and invincible after a nice run. Now I seem to rely on something else. I was glad that I enjoyed this run, however short, for the awesome feeling, o pressure, just me, my feet, my breathing, and the nice view.


  1. sedentary? you? are you kidding?
    reading about all your karate-ing, yoga, cycling, running and what have yous is enough for me to feel like I'm a couch potato..haha
    Good luck for Sundown..i'm doing the Malakoff thingy in Penang.

  2. You're doing fine with the updates Nad. Just keep 'em coming on your progress. As for sundown, on race day, there's special buses that will ply the Pasir Ris Interchange (has a MRT station there) to the race site, back and forth. Check out http://www.sundownmarathon.com and click on Shuttle Bus Service.

    So that takes care logistics on race day. Dont know where race kit collection is, not announced but soon I guess. I hope you do recover for sundown and hope to see you there :)

  3. Julin: We're all not sedentary actually, but I feel like my blog is hehe. I would love to do the Malakoff because I heard that it's one of the few well organized races in Malaysia. Hoping you could confirm that.

    Yimster: I read about the interchange to but they only have pickups from the race venue at 1130pm and then the next one is in the morning. I target i'd probaby finish around 12 midnight! I think taxis should be there or else I'll just wait for you guys and go back together hehehe

  4. Nadia - even tho your blog is sedentary as you claimed, but your comments are everywhere :)

    How are you going to Singapore? fly? bus? drive? boyfriend hantar heheh?

  5. syah: haven't decided yet. I'm going to see if anyone is doing the carpool thingy and if not, I'd probably take the bus.

    hehe my comments are more fit than me eh?

  6. Nadia, you read it wrong kot. Half marathon starts at 9pm kan. So from Pasir Ris you can take Shuttle Period A, to the race site. Last bus leaving at 8pm, leaves you an hour to get there and get yourself ready.

    Assuming you take a max of 3 hours to finish, that will be somewhat at around 12am. Look at the Shuttle Service from race site (to Pasir Ris). Shuttle Period B ends at 12.45am. Should be enough time for you to board the last bas to Pasir Ris. If all fails, I guess we can fall back on the taxis.

    You're going there alone ke?

  7. hi...thanks for dropping by. See you at Sundown. Would that be a full marathon or 84km?