Sunday, May 23, 2010

bad weekend

One of these days it's bound to happen and when it does there's nothing you can do except just go along with it.

I haven't had a bad day/week for a long while now. Thank God for my workouts to keep me calm and focused.

Saturday, a long workout. It rained after the first half and hour, and I enjoyed it eventhough I practically looked miserable trying to keep my eyes open against the pelting droplets. Everybody took it easy and were going at it at their own pace, which both calmed and stressed me out. My competitive streak came out once in a while. There's another girl whom I've always been targetting and she's fast and strong and she was way ahead in the pack and I NEEDED to catch up with her. How does she do it? I found myself wondering as I slowly made my way forward. I'm practically trying to keep my breathing even and she's pummeling the road like a bulldozer. I'm FIT, aren't I? Urgh... mindgames. I went back and forth between forcing myself to speed up and catch up with her, telling myself it's a good motivation, and telling myself that it's ok to take it at my own pace. I told myself maybe this is something she's just naturally good at, and there's nothing I could do about it.

I watched my water intake. Every 5km, and I drank them like an ill-mannered swashbuckling pirate who hasn't seen waterin years. After the second stop, I stuck to these 2 girls who were more or less my pace. One was stronger but I was stronger than the other. Together we made a great team. I spent the whole of the journey either mesmerized by her calf muscles or reading the brandname, Saucony, on the back of her tshirt over and over again like a mantra. I felt numb, and at peace. We were all alone, but together. I could do this forever.

I didn't realize we've reached the destination until the sound of the waves reached my ears. It was a beautiful sight, even if the shore was piled up with garbage and stray plastic bottles, even if the water was a murky shade of teh tarik.

The way back was longer due to the sun. During one long stretch where I was mostly alone, I succumbed to my thoughts. Everything flew through my mind, bad, good, mostly bad, sometimes good. I had fun hanging out there in the middle of nowhere, avoiding potholes and swerving roadkills, with only my thoughts. I was glad for the absence of company and the companionship of silence until the first few of the 'rolling hills' started. As I was gasping and attacking them, Paris came to my side. He giggled when I turned to look at him and I went, "what? What you laughing at?" I could bet it was because I looked so miserable and panting like an ugly bloodhound. He stayed with me through the whole rolling hills phase and to be honest I was GLAD for his company. It made me forget the fact that I wanted to stop and take a nice deep nap. We talked about our work, why foreign men - matsallehs especially - aren't really that hot, running, computer nerds, everything under the sun (pun intended). He was strong, kept at it with an ease of a cat napping, at one point I told him, "If I'm not answering you it's not because I am rude, I'm just figuring out a way to tackle this hill."

A good 2 hours, I arrived at the place, angry and tired and THIRSTY. I got lost halfway following this &*^$# uncle who acted like it's a normal thing to get lost after you've spent more than 3 hours under the sun.

Sunday : short workout with TSB. It was nice and we went at an easy pace. we talked about a lot of things, and I saw a part of the neighbourhood I didn't know existed. The sun was blazing hot at 5pm so we decided to start at 530pm, which later only started at nearly 6pm. Didn't manage to cover 10k, since we went slow, but we discussed everything about running and the thing leading to it being awesome. One thing I realized is that I'm starting to like the taste of Gatorade. I've never had any isotonic/sports/electrolyte induced drinks before and now I'm guzzling them like a pro. But as always, my pit stop refuel would always be Milo ais and a banana.


  1. why is it a bad weekend?

    p.s did you ride to PD?

  2. yup, agreed w kash, good workout is good weken, rite =)

  3. kash and fong: bad weekend due to some personal issues plus I had my period while on the road! urgh. lagi la emotional. Yes, kash, I did.