Sunday, August 5, 2012


Week 3 of Ramadhan.

 My workout has been consistent, except for some modifications to suit my ramadhan schedule. As usual, I feel that my perform better when I am thirsty, hungry, weak and undernourished, which is crazy, but it's true. I hardly needed pushing to run a few kms longer, or faster. I even did a harder set for my strength training workout, which made my whole body sore the next two days. But it was a good sore, it was a healthy, post workout sore.

Me and harris have been on a workout bends lately. He's been busy with his muay thai and football and I my running and cycling and strength sets. We shovel in banana like there's no tomorrow. Our electricity bills have increased due to the constant washing of our workout clothes. Yesterday night we finally sat down and watched the olympic rerun of swimming, and enjoyed it tremendously. The only difference between us is that he has a higher metabolism, which means he could eat like a pig and still stay slender.

Speaking of food, I've been sort of attuned to meatless dining. I have no idea when this started, but all I know is that I don't get as excited about eating chicken and lamb or beef anymore. I still eat them - when mom cooks or when a dish looks delicious, but for the most part I find myself gravitating towards fish and veggies. I find that my body moves better and I don't feel bloated or sluggish as much. I also feel less guilty about eating animals that probably weren't properly slaughtered :(

 This month marks the fourth month I've been using cruelty free products. I've never felt better. This isn't a phase or something I will regret. I will never ever ever touch a product that I know is tested on animals. It is harder to source for certain things (for example toothpaste and deodorants) but with proper research I am able to look for ethical companies that produces these products. Finally I can sleep at night. Of course, harris  calls me orang asli for using the sugi stick (when I couldn't find an organic toothpaste) and using essential oil soap bars. But at least I can put my guilty conscience that Ive been carrying since I was a teenager to rest.