Friday, July 31, 2009

registration woes

I am pissed at ... i have no idea who/what. When I tried to register for standard chartered singapore marathon, things were going great until I pressed ok for the final part which is the online payment. I got a pop up message saying my payment is approved, but they brought me to the first page - the waiver instead of the confirmation page. I did it twice, and i got the same results twice. I emailed them. Then the next day I called them twice. They confirmed that my name isnt on the database. I called my bank (maybank) and they said the amount is floating in the bank. When I called the hotline again, they said they will escalate the issue. 

 But I havent received any. 
 I checked my maybank account just now, and there it is in clear view, the payment for standard chartered done on july 27th, posted on july 29th. It's evidence!

 On the other hand, I bought myself a simple stopwatch. Just like the one my boyfriend uses for his coaching.


First pain report: Feeling the pain in my both my knees during running, plus a sharp pain at my right shin! I was so scared that it's going to be a shin split - injuries are the last thing I need.

Great Run

For me, so many things make a great run and today was no exception. I enjoyed the first 2km, it was an effortless 1km after, the slopes weren't so daunting, and I completed 5km in an easy state of mind. I did a shabby 'speed work'; ran the flight of stairs twice. I completed the lap by doing a gentle pickup - a great pumping stride for about 15 seconds or so. 

 Then I met (or made) a fellow running friend. I always see him at the lake, but I always see him getting ready and warming up more often than him running. Today he was running at a fast pace and he lost me after a round. He asked me if I was joining the Adidas KOTR, to which I replied yes. I told him I am a beginner, an amateur runner. Sheepishly I admitted that I do not have a watch when he asked me what my time was for the Siemens 2009 run. He told me that for a new runner that's the first thing I should do; get myself timed so I could improve myself. 

 He also told me where to register for the Mizuno wave run - at Subang Parade's World of Sports. I told him about Malakoff. It was nice to finally meet someone who's been running - I could really need some help and advice with improving my runs, etc. His name is rashid.

 Anyway, sort of looking forward to swim tomorrow. I really miss swimming. Nothing can quite replace that feeling... not even running, I dare say.

Mizuno Wave run?

I'm interested to join this run but can't seem to find any info pertaining to the registration... anyone has any ideas?

First Entry

But not a first time runner, although definitely a beginner. I'm hesitant about adding yet another writing space to my plate - but after reading on other running blogs of people who live around the same close vicinity, my fingers itched to write. I want to write about running - how sudden it consumed me, how I hate it, but I miss it at the same time. I want to bitch about bad days or other poor undeserving souls who just didn't wear the proper running shoes. I want to write about my love of swimming; that clear clarity of peace in your head while you finish your laps.

 I just got back from collecting my race kit for Adidas KOTR. Running today. Yeay?