Friday, July 31, 2009

Great Run

For me, so many things make a great run and today was no exception. I enjoyed the first 2km, it was an effortless 1km after, the slopes weren't so daunting, and I completed 5km in an easy state of mind. I did a shabby 'speed work'; ran the flight of stairs twice. I completed the lap by doing a gentle pickup - a great pumping stride for about 15 seconds or so. 

 Then I met (or made) a fellow running friend. I always see him at the lake, but I always see him getting ready and warming up more often than him running. Today he was running at a fast pace and he lost me after a round. He asked me if I was joining the Adidas KOTR, to which I replied yes. I told him I am a beginner, an amateur runner. Sheepishly I admitted that I do not have a watch when he asked me what my time was for the Siemens 2009 run. He told me that for a new runner that's the first thing I should do; get myself timed so I could improve myself. 

 He also told me where to register for the Mizuno wave run - at Subang Parade's World of Sports. I told him about Malakoff. It was nice to finally meet someone who's been running - I could really need some help and advice with improving my runs, etc. His name is rashid.

 Anyway, sort of looking forward to swim tomorrow. I really miss swimming. Nothing can quite replace that feeling... not even running, I dare say.


  1. Is that Robo Rashid? He's an Ironman.

  2. kooky: I'm not sure, but he's slight, with a shaved head and glasses right?