Friday, July 31, 2009

registration woes

I am pissed at ... i have no idea who/what. When I tried to register for standard chartered singapore marathon, things were going great until I pressed ok for the final part which is the online payment. I got a pop up message saying my payment is approved, but they brought me to the first page - the waiver instead of the confirmation page. I did it twice, and i got the same results twice. I emailed them. Then the next day I called them twice. They confirmed that my name isnt on the database. I called my bank (maybank) and they said the amount is floating in the bank. When I called the hotline again, they said they will escalate the issue. 

 But I havent received any. 
 I checked my maybank account just now, and there it is in clear view, the payment for standard chartered done on july 27th, posted on july 29th. It's evidence!

 On the other hand, I bought myself a simple stopwatch. Just like the one my boyfriend uses for his coaching.


  1. paid mine thru StanChart CC and it went ok without any problem, and received the confirmation slip right away. but I do share your frustration - I did not get the 15% discount supposedly meant for StanChart CC holders etc, emailed them few times but no follow-ups from them. Try their FB admin? Good luck!

  2. I called them and they say they'll email me the confirmation asap... but that was 30 minutes ago!