Monday, April 16, 2012

Only 28km

The conversation we had while we were cycling sunday:

On favoritism. Especially on your children. Somehow, that's the best part of my sunday cycling - the conversations. Sometimes I had to pause - grunting up the hills and everything - and when we coasted downhill we'd be discussing again. Last sunday I asked him a question: do you have a favorite?

I find it funny that parents always get defensive when asked that question. Not defensive angry, but just, they didn't think it's a good question. Mostly because they are aware of what it could bring if they had an answer. My dad refused to answer that question because we were all different, he said. But I always somehow think that he had favorites, different kids at different times.

There's nothing wrong with liking one kid, at least that's what I think.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

morning run

I have been MIA.

But I had a good morning run today that warrants a writeup. Nothing actually is special - normal 5k run, normal speed. But it was the promise of a good day, beautiful morning. I had a beautiful workout last night, and a deep sleep, and time to cuddle with my cat. I run on and off, more off. But this morning it just felt natural. My feet loved the sensation of the road, the roughness licking my soles. The air was cool, crisp - I could just imagine fall leaves flying down on me. My knees were singing. Legs strong. Core in control. My breathing was not erratic - I wasn't pushing myself.

Truly, the beauty about running is in the mind and soul. Haven't felt like this for a while, and I bet it will be ages before I feel it again.