Monday, April 16, 2012

Only 28km

The conversation we had while we were cycling sunday:

On favoritism. Especially on your children. Somehow, that's the best part of my sunday cycling - the conversations. Sometimes I had to pause - grunting up the hills and everything - and when we coasted downhill we'd be discussing again. Last sunday I asked him a question: do you have a favorite?

I find it funny that parents always get defensive when asked that question. Not defensive angry, but just, they didn't think it's a good question. Mostly because they are aware of what it could bring if they had an answer. My dad refused to answer that question because we were all different, he said. But I always somehow think that he had favorites, different kids at different times.

There's nothing wrong with liking one kid, at least that's what I think.


  1. I love my kids the same, no one gets more, no one gets less but as different child has different characters, I do have my favoritism for each of them. Different kind of attention for different needs :) I can never say I love one more than the other but I can say I like certain things/traits of one more from another!

  2. hehe that's the kind of answer I get from parents. Truthfully, as a child myself, I dont think it's a problem is i know my parents favors one child more... provided that I don't feel left out.