Sunday, September 25, 2011

End of September

Last friday went for a spin. same route. I was struggling like crazy going up the first hill. granted it was a tough one but really it seemed easier before. I thought I was tired from a late night so I pushed it until I went up the second hill and I HAD TO STOP near the peak. And guess what, I'd accidentally used the big crank. My riding partner was both baffled and bemused. "How could you NOT realize you're on the big crank?" I didn't. Well, I KNOW I would KNOW, but because I hardly ever used the big crank since the shifter's a bit kooky, I never realized I was on it (my riding partner put it on the big crank to test the shifter before we started). Great. We changed the gears and already it was SO MUCH BETTER.

Went for a dip today. Just to test the lungs. I could still hit the 1k easily, although I do pant a little bit. I actually worked out more thanks to this uncle who was doing an easy breaststroke and we were swimming side by side. I was glad for the push.

Now if I could somehow fit in running tomorrow then it would be a great start.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

much needed post

after a looong hiatus. mind you i am not inactive.

last week went for a run at the normal park. test power, they say, just to see how you could measure up to your running self then. god, doing a 6k was an effort and I was so glad to end it. but still it was a good run in an essence that I was struggling and working hard. you've got to start somewhere. and ive always loved the challenge of starting again.

one thing i realized is that my cycling and running SUCK if I didn't swim. I never realized how much i depend on lung power to be somewhat a decent athlete. The reason i could cycle for as long as i did without faltering was that my breathing was controlled and never labored, thanks to all the tormenting 'sets' i created for myself, doing super long strokes and racing nobody in the water.

i vowed to get back to swim... firstly, next wednesday.

went for a spin today with my only riding partner. it was such a great comeback to my weak self but i felt sorry for my bud since he did not even break a sweat. in fact, i made water stops for maybe 5 times and he did not even DRINK at all, all 38km of our ride... with hills. I bet it was like riding with a toddler.

i want to get better.