Sunday, May 23, 2010

Three Things.

3 things I love while working out:

1) The hot glaring sun
2) Rain
3) Hills (uphills, that is)

1) There's nothing more challenging than running or doing the distance while the sun bakes a brownie and potato pie on your head and back. I love it because I was born an amphibian. I'm cold even when the heat swirls around your head. Running with the sun clinging on my face, the back of my neck, and my legs makes me feel like I'm in the biggest, hardest race in the world and everyone else is dropping like flies but I persevered. I also like the fact that I sweat buckets and come back home with a drenched t-shirt and all other people just look by trying not to choke while holding their breath. Plus, Malaysia will always be hot and humid. There's absolutely no sense to try to escape it. The sooner you embrace the heat, the better it is for you.

2) What running in hot weather does to my charged up excitement, rain does the opposite. Working out in the rain calms me down tremendously. The whole setting feels totally romantic to me. It's just yourself and the world, cocooned by the trapped heat the falling rain produced. It's like you're thrown into some universe where it's exactly like Earth but there's no other human beings except cats skulking around the trees or birds flitting about. I also look like some heroine putus cinta wearing knee guards.

3) There are 2 types of athletes: One who trembles at the bottom of the hill, and one who drools at the sight of the peak. I am the latter. I love uphill like a fat kid loves cake. Why I love them, because they are HARD, and therefore you feel so much better when you got it through. I am the weakest person in the whole wide world. I give up as easily as a baby falls asleep. But hills are one area where I sternly tell myself, "It's either your make it OR YOU MAKE IT!" There's no other way. I would conquer the hills whimpering, blabbering and crying if I have to. As a defense, I'd have to say that just because you love it doesn't mean you're fast going uphil *cough cough* I mean, you know, I just said I enjoyed uphills.... I didn't say I'd zip up to the peak like a fart.

Workwise, I'm being transferred to a full-blown project and the work hours are a killer. Damnit. I love what I do but I hate the time wasted by commuting. It's not like I could run in the train. Oh wait, I probably could, but at age 26 I think I'm too young to look like I'm having a mid-life crisis.


  1. I'm beginning to like hills too .... I used to swear whenever there's an uphill run infront. Now, I will say to myself ... "here comes the hill, go for it! as at every uphill, there's always a downhill ......"

  2. heheheh, yeah. running is like karma - what goes up must comes down!

  3. I like most hated the hills in my early days of running. After time, and learning to conquer them wisely, I am opening up to like them. Beats running flats all the time and the feel good factor when you conquer them hills!

  4. i oso love running uphills as opposed to running downhills..

    now we can ask yim to form a "WE LOVE THEM HILLS IN OUR RUNNING ROUTES" group in facebook.. hehe

  5. syed and yim: yay!!!! let's have a running day with our routes all covered with hills. hahahahha

  6. Sorry to say but sun/heat and uphills have been my musuh tradisi since before i was born.