Friday, May 7, 2010

LSD Woes

I'm planning to do my first LSD this weekend. Nothing much, just maybe a 10k. Hey, it's a Long Slow Distance if you've only been running 5ks. And I don't want to push my knees just yet.

 I am very eager to join the runners at Putrajaya only because I could fit in another activity Sunday morning. Originally I wanted to do my LSD on Sunday but my weekends are mostly for wheels and they have top priorities. But Sunday I might be running with a running partner about my pace and after all the group swim, etc etc I kinda like training with somebody. So I went back and forth and back and forth with my choices. The only viable one is to shift my usual Sunday activity and focus on running, since I'd be tackling a 21k in less than a month but I... don't want to.

 I guess I'll just run today later in the evening. And tomorrow evening would be the LSD yay! I prefer morning runs but I'm ok with evening runs as well. Well, beggars can't be choosers right?

 Anyway, today I had an awesome time meeting up with friends and working up a sweat. The strenuous  yoga session on Wednesday still left me feeling quite tired and spent so I thought I would skip it. But I forced myself only because of the company and I am a convert to the sport. Finished the whole thing with a nice chocolate milk and - what else - Magnum Almond. Oh the joy of burning calories (not that I need to, I need to collect more!!)

 On a different note, my office had a small 5k run today at the Lake Gardens. My friend went and she told me about this white haired lady who was one of the top runners. I immediately knew who she was talking about - the lady is on the same floor as me and always had a feast for breakfast. She is very skinny for a middle aged woman, but more than one time I see her savoring roti canai, nasi lemak and teh tarik, sometimes all three in one go. A few times I was thinking, 'Damn, just because you're skinny and you think you could shovel all these food. I bet you never exercise.'and only today found out that she's done countless marathons. HAHA. I got my taste of the humble pie. Never judge a book by its cover... or what he/she eats.

 Happy running! Oh I have yet to book my bus ticket... damn!


  1. lol ... the humble pie. tu lah kan, we think we are on the right track with the exercising and such and we gleefully cast a doubt on people shoving in their faces hehe. happy training Nad and dont overdo it ya.

  2. I am going to do 12k tomorrow morning, covering the 10k route that MPSJ-NST will do in june plus loop around taipan to get another few k. That will be my long run before NB15K next weekend.

  3. yim: you too yim, will be seeing you at sundown.

    khoo: i have my own subang 10k route too, but it covers ss19 and then the whole of ss18. I think running around in usj would have more mileage as opposed to the ss :)