Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random Update

My hope of making it a 'perfect week' for three times in a row this week was dashed when my parents dropped by to Subang yesterday. As I cancelled my class my mind began shifting my timetables in order to fit in the replacement classes for the next few days. I hate missing a workout. But then again, I could use the time off. Been getting a bad cough and sore throat and I'm not going to fall into the trap of the fever again. Read a nice journal article about the relation of declining immunity with continuous exercise and I was like, "That couldn't be me?" Whatever it is, if you're exercising more, you should be taking extra precaution with your health. Keep good care of your sleep patterns, your food intake, yadda yadda yadda.

I realized that I've been sort of obsessive with playing sports lately. There is nothing else in my mind except doing them and feeling the burn and the high after. This is sort of crazy come to think about it. Everyday I'm looking at race calendars, and planning out my workout routines. When there's a public holiday I think, "Yeay! more time for me to *slot in any activity here*" I don't think I have time for outings anymore. I am spending everything I have - time, money, attention - to my sports. I think If I keep this up I'll end up a) broke, b) dumped, and c) lonely. I just bought my own studio unit and there's just so many things to buy like a washing machine or to fix the grille or a mattress but I'm thinking that it'll be more useful to buy a new swimsuit, or Garmin Forerunner, etc.

I know I need to find a balance. But doing this makes me feel so happy. And I think it's harder for women than it is for men. Women have other things to shoulder as well and already my parents are telling me to 'cut down' when I get married. YELP. Why do most people think active women in this society is WRONG? Can't a wife or a mother have fun? Or do we need to be your number one fan, tagging along for your races, cooking your carboloading meal, cheering you by the roadside and nothing else?

Nevermind that. Anyway, had a great hard workout last Tuesday which left me so sore and happy and beat. Looking forward for another hard day today. After my run, of course!


  1. the least that you could do is to take a good Multi-supplement ... I think that is a must for active people like us.

  2. Trust me, u wont stop, b4 marriage, after marriage, same jer.. just need to balance up sum stuff jer =)

  3. the society will always have opinions, so do what is best for you.

    Wholesome and balance are keywords :D