Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week Recap

I've had an amazing week in exercising last week, albeit my pitiful post yesterday. Immediately after posting it, I had a light nap, woke up refreshed, and headed to my boyfriend's house in USJ for a run.

I wanted to do at least a 10k, and I didn't get to achieve it. But I was happy with the run, because despite the twinging pain in my ankle I had a nice time. I love running without knowing the route. I love simply going in any streets or corners and looking at houses and people.

We started from USJ 2 where my boyfriend said that there'll be a hill to warm up our legs. I almost laughed out loud when I found out that his 'hill' is nothing but a very very very slight incline - it's practically a flat road. I knew better than to trust someone who trains on a flat ground (he's a footballer) and never heard of hill repeats (I know I'm being cocky... takper lah).

We crossed over the bridge to SS18 and that's when and where the run got interesting. SS18 is an attack of the sight and senses compared to anywhere else in my neighbourhood. The roads are large, less cars, and they have an abundance of parks, shophouses, and street vendors to spoil my eyes (and tastebuds). It is also the route for my high school's cross country race (which I found out was a measly 5km - cross country la sgt!) and running at the same route brings so many memories. It was mostly a flat course with one slight incline that stretches for a nice 1 km - what in cycling they would call a 'false flat'. Other than that I was really enjoying the run. I love running!

Also I realized that form, posture and technique play an important part. I've been on a bender lately trying to experiments the right form for me as I swim, cycle, run, skate, twist and bend. If it doesn't hurt after you tweak them, then it's the right form. I tried it on my legs yesterday, shifting the weight slightly left, or right, applying pressures to different spots. For the most part, correcting your form really does work, but I'm also skeptical if I'm just wearing out another part of muscle that has not been worn out yet.

A good one hour later we finished the run since dusk is about to be near, but not before I sebat another plate of Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng Telur Mata Goyang2. Thank God this time around I did not get the Magnum Almond.

On another note, this week I've achieved 100km++ too, but with a combination of so many activities hahahaha. This is the first time I've done a 135km of cross training and workouts. Yeah!


  1. Did you sneak out last weekend to do a sprint tri in SG? If you do, you better spill the beans right now.

  2. You did do that in SG? Wahhhhhh :)

    Good to see you feel better from your post!

  3. kash: hahahaha you and your razor sharp eyes!

  4. whhatttttt? You did a sprint tri??? and what about that telur mata goyang-goyang? hehheh ..... you sure this is the right term that people use? coz I always have problem explaining that to the waiters.

  5. You did what in SG? No, seriously. Please explain. I'm buta huruf when it comes to cycling.
    It is cycling, kan?

  6. Nevermind. I just googled it.
    Wow ~ ( mulut ternganga)

  7. hahahah, orang treneng rahsia, you ada race rahsia!

  8. ian: goyang2 is a term I coined myself but other than generating a chuckle from waitress and waiters they seem to understand it. No more hardened eggs!

    everybody else: hahaha. it's not a secret but i just don't know what to say/write and how exactly to tell it.

  9. gurl, for someone who adores writing and expresses undoubtedly well, you had better do better than that :)

  10. hahaha, rahsia sudah pecah. Common gurl, post the race report lah. Would be interesting read for us :)