Friday, April 30, 2010

Lion City Weekend

I'm going to the South this weekend for some nice experience and craziness. 

 Singapore to me is like the Asian version of America. I grew up with american magazines therefore wanting almost everything they have in the pages. Malaysia don't always carry their brands or label and Singapore is the closest one that one could go to and get some.

 When I was crazy with my crafting, Singapore (other than ebay and etsy) was my go to spot for some knick knacks or other craft tools you couldn't find in Malaysia. You name it, Olfa blades, Elmer's Glue, etc. When I was obsessed with sewing my own clothes, Singapore turned me into a crazy shopaholic. I scoured every little back alleys and tailor shops for the most authentic and cutesy fabrics as well as ribbons, patterns, and other sewing paraphernalia. 

And now that my focus is on running, I am out of control. When I went to Singapore last year for Std Chartered, walking into their malls was a test of willpower (similar to running a marathon?) since I was broke. Every other shop was a running store, and the socks, shoes, clothes all called out my name, pleading for me to take them home. I went in a couple of shops and I wanted them all - the socks, shoelaces, heart rate monitors, even the chi energy necklaces! Suddenly I understood what it feels like to want to be rich. Imagine being able to whisk all these products into the shopping cart without mentally calculating in your head how much it costs.

 Things I think I want (or need):
- One of those compression tights things. They look so comfortable and I have always been a sucker for good advertising. This one makes me believe my legs would be super strong by just slipping into them! And if they don't work at least I have a super nice 'leggings' to block out the sun's ray hahah
- Garmin Forerunner. I have to declare this: I LOVE GPS. For my senior year project, I did something GPS based and I think the technology rocks like youhavenoidea. A GPS device that is designed for runners? GET OUT OF TOWN. Also, as much as I enjoy running without knowing the time and distance, if I had to choose, I rather lose the time and have the distance. I like collecting distance. You don't call it a distance sports for nothing if you don't obsess over the miles, right? (coverline sebab mmg slow)
- Better Knee Guard. I have decided to keep using my patella stabilizer (or plain ol' knee guards) for my runs therefore I want a nice and proper one to replace this pair that is about to wear out from constant use. The highly recommended pair costs a bomb! Urgh, I need money. (Or to rob a bank).
- Hydration Belts. I don't know why but I nearly bought one last year. The whole idea of it is very tempting. But this was when I thought I would be running marathons.
- Shoes. A given. I don't even know what I want or what suits me. I ran in Power shoes and only recently upgraded to New Balance. But my most used pairs are my two trusty Reeboks. See? Nak jugak merasa Asics sebenarnya hehehehe.

 The list might go on if I allow myself to daydream but the first three would be my top wants. They are also, the top three expensive things. Actually, other than the hydration belts they all could cause a dent to my paycheck. 

 When I reach this stage I try to tell myself that running is the simplest sport. It only requires a pair of (good) shoes and your willingness to keep going. I have met an uncle who runs like the wind and uses the timer on his cellphone as his running watch. He should be wearing all the gazookas  - he deserves a better running watch, not me!

 Okay, gotta continue my packing. See ya all you weekend warriors.


  1. so going to Singapore weekend untuk shopping? Best! Everytime when I am back in SG, I have to resist the temptation sbb kalau tak balik mesti broke. Have a good shopping trip.

    I like your wishlist. Almost same as mine but I have a really pricey wishlist, too embarrasing to share.

  2. the technology now are too damn expensive but at the same time irresistible aren't they? They put ideas in your head that you're nothing without them!

  3. alaa, i need reasons to shop too... tapi duit tarak hahaha, have fun, and go break the bank(s) XD

  4. alamak, I sign in as rais pulak , sorry.
    syah, as triathlete, the wishlist gets longer. Sad, but true.
    I (don't) need the bike trainer (repeat many, many times)

  5. Kash,
    YES YOU NEED IT (the bike trainer)!!!

    ahahaha.. just pulling some legs here.