Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brisk Walk

I need to gain some weight.

 Everybody's making jokes about my weight now and it's getting worrying. They say that by the time I ran to the finishing line all that's left would be my hair and a stick. My sister read the paper today which states that for every kilometer you run you lose 1 kg and she's like no wonder you're so freaking skinny!

 This morning, boyfriend and I woke up early for a nice stroll/jog at the lake. He is far off worse than me: got a nice hairline fracture on his ankle and his fibula bone popped out of the socket. When we looked at his x-ray we all visibly cringed, even the doctor. He has been off work for 8 weeks now, with countless of physio sessions and ice (but his icing is done the professional way - sticking his ankle through the hole and the ice would be timed and adjusted accordingly - I was looking at the icing machine in awe). He was hoping to make it for the football selection end of May but it seems like the dream is dashed. We're a walking example of Misery Loves Company.

 I got a nice workout - brisk walking for about 5 loops. I forgot how taxing this seemingly docile exercise is, especially if you're an injured runner making a comeback. Those aunties really know what they are doing. I tried to follow their speed but lost steam after 3 rounds. How did they go so fast without running? It seemed impossible as I kept breaking into a stride every once in a while. It was much more easier to trot than to walk at a furious pace for a long time. Nevertheless I was sweating and pumped up while my boyfriend took it real slow with a 1 km walk. So kesian. He was also complaining about the lost of his muscle mass especially on his thighs (vain). I had to admit they looked especially slim comparing. I mean before that his quads were scary to look at and he couldn't fit in any of those trendy TopShop jeans guys our age wear kahkahkah. You know, the really slim ones rocker dudes wear?

 Anyway, my doctor said that I could start running again, albeit slowly but I'm SO nervous. I keep feeling twinges of pain when I do. And now I think I feel it all the time... even while sleeping. I think I'm going crazy. He says my knees look ok now, if you don't count the cartilage wear and tear. But as far as inflammation goes, I'm clear. He thinks I'm being paranoid and he likes that fact since it would make me run carefully. Oh well.

 Really need to go for a massage. And gain some weight. Does Appeton WeightGain work? I'm tired of all the nicknames, jokes and wearing belts for ALL my jeans. Damn.


  1. You're just a bit paranoid perhaps, thinking you have the pain all the time. Lighten up and perhaps just start with walking or brisk walking for a while longer before attempting to slow run ya.

    You are losing weight ke? Dunno if Appeton works, havent tried. I have enough trouble trying to keep mine down lol

  2. happy eating Nadia... kurus tapi sihat, ok apa :)

  3. yim: paranoid is correct... i need to loosen up and just start running.

    syah: heheh tu la tapi kurus tak boleh pull kuat2 dalam air.