Monday, April 19, 2010


This is a video taken on the way to Annapurna Base Camp and just short before I suffered the Altitude Sickness. I was asking one of the many porters going uphill whether to go straight up or wait until the sheep cleared. It was fun going up the trail!! I enjoyed this so much, right up to the scene of a dude peeing against the huge boulder rock (not in video). I saw one of the baby sheep with its two legs broken and it was literally just dragging itself downhill :( I cried a lot during this trip... Nepal would always remind me of animal abuse/torture.

 I'm slowly easing back into running and everything else this week. With swimming, cycling, karate, in-line skate, there's just so much equipment and rules you have to chug along or abide to. I always have to diligently pack the equipments for all the above sports the night before and my workouts could be ruined (or canceled altogether) if I forgot even one of the things. Running requires so little that I always feel so so so relaxed when it's my running day instead of any other day.

 I've discovered my pit-stop refuel: Magnum Almond. Ever since starting running slowly and really working on my meals and upping up my yoga, my appetite's been ravenous. Whenever I go for a nice run, especially with hills, I always reward myself with a stick of Magnum Almond. I couldn't believe it - when I was in university I couldn't even finish ONE. And now I could eat 2 in a row! Well, after a tough workout, that is. 

 I discovered the heavenly power of these Magnum Almonds in the middle of my bike rides with the uncles. It was scorching hot and I was downing plain water to no avail. A stop at the rest and relax had me beelining to one of the stalls for a nice mug of Milo Ais and what is this... Magnum Almond? Looks tasty.

 AND YES it is. Yum yum yum.

And now I have it all the time, after a swim, after a tough yoga class, kickboxing, what have yous. I even have it on the couch watching The Good Wife bonked on my cough medication. Simply eating it relives the moment when I worked hard to conquer the hills, the last km, the final lap, the excruciating pose, the tough kick punch combo. It tells me that I deserve this, every single tasty sweet, creamy drop of it.

 Damn.... I'm craving for one right now. Thank God I have the Magnum Minis in my fridge.


  1. magnuummmm almonddddd ... come to papa!

  2. lol .. anyone reading your entry now craves for an magnum almond. say, what happened to the stick i was holding just now hmmm ....

    if things goes well, i will be trailing Nepal next year. this is most certainly a chance of a lifetime. fingers crossed

  3. Err. Magnum Almond tu apa?
    Sama macam kuih almond london ke?
    Hik hik hik...

  4. magnum almond = almond london = Magnum PI. Sorry for the non-sensical comment. BTW Can experiment magnum almond during LSD hehehe.