Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bad Bad Fever

Today marked the 7th day of my fever, and despite everybody's concern, as I'm writing this I feel - for the first time in a week - pretty damn good. So my mom's fears about having to jet me off to Hospital Sg Buloh for the dreaded H1N1 or Denggi test are put to rest.

 I have been basically out of the loop for more or less 3 weeks. And unlike resting form runner's knees where I was free to do everything else but run, this time I couldn't do anything at all. At first it was all about resting my shoulders and knees and then the last week was about being tethered to the living room sofa, feeling very drowsy and weak. 

 But I did go for a run on a Thursday. I went to work that day knowing that I would finish the day with a nice run. My fever seemed to be breaking and I felt like running would be no problem. On the way back from work in the train there was this hot Chinese girl with the most awesome pair of legs ever. And I was not the only one who was staring at her long legs. I noticed almost every female were eyeballing her stems. I'm sure they all wished they could own the same pair like that. I was looking at her legs and thinking, "Damn, those are one pair of strong legs... what I wouldn't give to bring those legs out for a run," I have turned a pair of legs into a pair of shoes. I guess I was feeling sorry for my own pair of genetically disabled legs hehehe.

 Anyway, this time around I took my time with the warm up, putting in about 10 extra minutes into my routine. The sun was blazing and shining, just my kind of weather. I told myself I wanted to go longer, as long as I could go without hurting my knees or ankle. 

 The run was good. I took it real slow, wasn't really hard on myself, kinda a nice zippy jog around the neighborhood. I took my time to look at the houses and saying hello to aunties I knew all my life. On a whim after completing my usual loop I decided to go further since I felt quit strong, so I did a second loop and it was nice. I went to my old neighborhood, felt a little bit nostalgic when I hit my old running route, remembering all the times when I was 15 running with my dad or friends, with no worries in the world.  

 I think I did about 6-7km. Which was quite ok for me. Actually, it was a great run. I enjoyed it. Came back home with the sniffles and aches.

 It was worth getting sick all over again after that, all the way until today hahaha.


  1. lol, if i had my way i wouldnt have traded my whole body and parts hehe. running to me is the best, not a care and worry in the world when i'm at it :)

    you seem to be having fun back with running gurl. keep at it and hope you recover completely ya. kick those nasty cooties out of your system.

  2. for me, running clears most of my occssional running nose and small fever :P

    happy bouncing back

  3. Not sure if this is scientifially proven, but i heard that toxic in the body can be exerted out through sweats.

  4. nik: yeah I've heard of it too but t worked backwards with me!