Friday, April 23, 2010

Heartbroken at 4yrs Old

Got this gem off my sister:

The mother (who posted this up Youtube) wrote:
June 22, 2008This little one comes home from Vacation Bible School in love with her 15 year-old camp counselor, Stephen. After two hours of hysterical crying I had to document this moment for posterity. Oh, and we are about to move to Japan...she wants to take him with us!

So cute, but at the same time endearingly sad. She really DID look like she's devastated. I'm sure she'll bounce back again in no time! Aaaah, life as a 4-yr old.


  1. Ya lah, I dont remember what I did when I was 4.

  2. Oh dear. Puppy love comes that early nowadays lol

  3. I had crush on my teacher when i was 8 yrs old. BUt i dont remember crying like this when he left to continue his study.