Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Lake

I just realized something on my run today.

 I am getting slower each lap. And it's my own fault.
 I started out too fast because I was already comfortable doing 2km as opposed to when I first started - gasping for air at the last 500 meters. Because of that my time for the first lap was the fastest. I maintained the speed on my second lap, but got progressively slower the third until the fifth.

 I am such a show off. I hate it when I feel like I need to run fast just to show that I could. Urgh. I'm not in high school anymore, competing for 200m.

 Tomorrow it's going to be my easy run. I'm going to start very slow, slower than normal, because if I could, I'm going to up my distance to 6.6 km. Why 6.6? Because one complete circle is 1.1km.

 My time for completing today's 5.5km? 38 minutes and 05 seconds.

 I didn't really sweat as much or felt exhausted like I usually do after the run. Maybe my body is telling me that I can up the distance now. But I'm careful to take it slow because my knees are starting to hurt even when not running and my shin hurt too when I run. I am SO scared of injuries especially my knees. I have weak knees which is the reason why I swim so much.

 I have a good news today, which carried me for the first lap. And then I psyched myself to finish the last km by thinking about how much I miss my boyfriend who is at a football summer camp in Japan. Hhaha whatever works ey?


  1. I drive myself crazy going loop after loop... it's my mental torture. I have weak knees too, but the deep heat and knee guards helps, plus those visits to physiotherapist, and lots of stretching. good luck for the next 6.6k, way to go!

  2. gosh i should really try running at subang lake at least once since most of my running friends are running THERE!!
    running around in circles can be pretty torturous mentally....i should know...i run in Polo Ground, round equates to 1.3km.
    But think of the additional slow-ish rounds as building up towards longer distance.
    Hope you settled the Singapore marathon registration problem.
    what distance are u running in Singapore, btw?

  3. amsyah: i have yet gone mental over running in loops, although I'm trying to run at my neighborhood for longer distance. I'm going to buy my own deep heat too... haha its the thing to have when you are running!

    puisan: I'm TRYING to register but I seem to be having problems with the system.. but I'll be doing a half-marathon though hehe.

  4. Hello there!
    Good start with the run. Keep it up.
    Perhaps you should start taking Glucosamine with Chondroitin Sulphate, and also Calcium, as suplements for the knees and bones.
    I had similar problem with my knees during long run, and after taking the above, things get better.
    Good Luck!