Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great Run

One of the reasons I love running is because it is a solitary sport. It's just you and all the long empty road stretching ahead. You could be having the biggest problems in the world, or you could be feeling horrible, or tired, or anything, but they provide the best form of base for you to start your running. Most of the time I enjoy running with my mind going loose. I would go through anything my mind could think of; how lazy I am at work, the next haircut I'm going to take, my annoying friend who keeps talking about her pregnancy, etc. Then something would catch my eye and my thoughts would go towards it and work until another thing catches my attention.

 Today as I was going for my run I was thinking about how - even though I love the solitude - how nice it would be if I had a friend to run with. Maybe I am just demotivated or plain lazy, but today I was not feeling up to it as much as the other day. Sometimes running around the same lap more than 4 times could get boring. A friend that I could converse with could take my mind of the boredom that sometimes plagues runners.

 As I was doing my second kilometer, Dennis fell into step beside me. We went to the same school. Shared a couple of classes throughout middle and high school. Even so, we weren't friends-friends - our history in school was more of a mere acquaintance. He was a prefect until the senior year and once chased my ex-boyfriend up until the hills. Should have known he was a runner even then. We met a couple of times at the lake but always said hi-bye or the customary what are you doing, do you know this and this is married? Today was the first time we ran together and had a conversation. After the second round, the skies were as dark as night and lightning stuck a few times. I wanted to stop but Dennis suggested that we have another round. Not wanting to give up, always liking a challenge, I said yes. And I was glad I did. I actually ran at a faster pace today than any other days. And I managed! I thought I'd be gasping for air but I was able to maintain for about 2km.

 It's so obvious that running alone has somewhat dwindled my training. I never seem to get better because I don't seem to be pushing myself. Running with someone forces me to try to keep up and keep my mind of the possible tiredness.

 We did only 3 rounds today due to the rain but it was a nice run. 3.3km for 22 minutes and 07 seconds.

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