Thursday, August 6, 2009

Memory Lane

Ever since I started to run seriously last July, I have joined 3 running events: McDonalds Run, Siemens, and Adidas KOTR. I didn't have pictures for all three because I either went alone, or we were always late to register and arrived just in time. Our bags would be in the car.

But this was a picture I found last year on a run me and my friends did for fun, but it was that run that made me feel like running for something, with a goal, is more fun than simply running:

It was a normal breakfast run with a distance of 7km going up into the trails of the TTDI hills. I have stopped running regularly for quite some time after graduation, busy with work. All three of us had just started working, but ALi (stripped shirt) insisted that we joined this thing. So we did. We were amateurs, without proper shoes (them, not me hehe) and have never actually tried running in an event. I think I walked most of the route. The funniest part was when we got out of the trails into the normal tarred road, a man was like, "Keep going you're one of the first!" and we were spurred... until he continued, "just behind the women's seniors." HAHAHA

Other pictures I found off my old hardrive that are not about running, but working out a sweat nevertheless:

This was in 2000-2001. I was crazy about bodyboarding and surfing. Every year during the moonsoon me and my friend (who is fortunate to live in Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan) head to her place and spent about 2 months (for semester break) surfing. I got soo dark tmy pictures turned orange due to the flash. My family took turns taking pictures with me just to compare how much fairer they look. That was me at the back. I think I just scored a couple of swell waves.

Hahaha me jumping into the deep end of the pond. This was earlier this year, after we finished some random jungle activities such as:

Waterfall abseiling. It was a crazy thing, slippery and my palms burned and I slipped a couple of times but I survived. A schoolgirl did the same thing and she banged herself pretty bad against the rocks though.

Flying fox! This is a pretty simple one compared to the hairier versions I've been through.

White water rafting in April... before our raft flipped over. My bestfriend fractured her hipbone and chipped her tooth. This was Kuala Selangor which is considered to be the toughest rapids in peninsular, the toughest in malaysia being in Sabah. I don't like it as much as the Sg Kampar because you make a lot of pit stops to prepare for the rapids, as opposed to Sg Kampar where you just float through.

In Sg Kampar... you can see me at the far end of the tree giving my infamous peace sign.

Today I shall be working on my speedwork... although to be honest I have no idea how to do that. It's just something I read about in running sites haha. But there's always time to learn and to implement!

One more thing I've been wondering about: When we go downhill, do we let ourselves run with the faster speed or try to contain the speed and run at a normal pace? I think I've read before that you should try to maintain your speed while going downhill but I see a lot of runners giving it their all while going downhill... won;t it hurt the knees? *paranoid*

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