Friday, August 21, 2009

Last Fueled Run

Tomorrow Ramadhan starts.

Which mean today will be the last day I will run with a proper energy.

I didn't run yesterday because I had to go back to Nilai for my sister's bbq. I planned to run early in the morning today but I slept until 9 due to my sore throat and back pain (I got my period yesterday which explains the aching body parts).I told myself that I will take a break from running and start again Monday.

But I can't. I didn't run on Monday. In fact, I only ran on Tuesday and Wednesday! And I ran for such a short time on Tuesday! I have no idea why I get crazy if I don't run even for a day. I feel like my stamina will decrease and it'll be so hard to start running again. It's not like swimming. Swimming is an easier sport mentally to me because probably I seem to enjoy it a *tad* more than running. It's not as taxing to start again to do a 5km swimming as opposed to 5km running. Maybe because when you swim your knees and your stomach and your lower back don't scream and tire as fast and much as when you are running.

For Ramadhan, here is my proposed plan:

Monday: Regular run
Tuesday: kickboxing
Wednesday: Speed/hills
Thursday: Regular run.

Friday and weekends are for resting. Because based on last year's ramadhan, my friends and I seemed to do a whole bunch of break fast meetups during these 3 nights.

Since we get off at 4.30pm, I will probably have a longer time to run. But I will take my time. And will not over exert myself. And drink lots of water!

BTW, I'd registered my dad for Mizuno wave run. It will be our first race together! And his first official running event. He's excited and I keep telling him, "All other old men are probably seasoned runners who have probably completed many races. Do NOT let your male ego get over you and try to keep up with them when you just couldn't!" I probably have to run with him so he doesn't feel like he's missing out or anything.

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