Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I didn't run on Tuesday... and I feel seriously draggy. Slept late because we picked up my youngest sister who is back from UK for a semester break and woke up early to my father's request to have roti canai together. Then came back and became a bum watching dvds until boyfriend comes over to have a late lunch with the family.

But I went for a run on Monday though. Felt guilty that I didn't run on a Sunday, was supposed to do a LSD, so when I laced up my running shoes on Monday that's what I decided to do. I wanted to have a go at doing the long distance thingy. I decided to use my neighbourhood and measure it by time, not distance. As long as I ran for one hour, that'll be a good distance.

But the tiredness I felt and the sore aching joints that have been persisting for days now reigned me in. I think I ran for only half and hour before calling it quits. Based on my running time, it must have only been around 5km! PFFT! And to think that I wanted to do a LSD.

I went back and spent a good deal of time stretching out my legs, especially my left leg. I am noticeably getting tighter as the years passed by. My flexibility was my glory back when I was doing karate. Especially my left leg; since I'm a lefty, I kick harder and better with my left leg. But when I took up kickboxing last year I noticed that I can't stretch as far as I used to, and my left leg is horribly wound up.

Anyway today is Wednesday. I'm going for a run today. Today is going to be a steady run.

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