Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Speedwork

I realized the importance of doing intervals or speedwork after my first 10k run. The kick you need to run faster at the last stretch of the race does not come from simply just training at a normal pace. You need to condition your body to be able to run fast at short bursts. It's just like my field hockey training when I was in high school. We all, in addition to having a top notch endurance, should have the stamina to run fast and stop for how many times we need to.

I warmed up at a normal pace for 1.1k around the lake, then did 7x30 seconds of fast running, maybe RPE 6-7. In between instead of walking like last week, I ran at a slow pace. I finished the whole thing in 26:35:78. The sky was already dark when I started, didn't really want to push it even more.

Today is Saturday. I didn't go for a swim. Felt a bit guilty, but I was tired and I think I deserved a nice rest.

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