Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Ramadhan Run

My first Ramadhan run went ok. Actually it went good.

I took it slow, and the route I took was a simple 3.23km around my neighbourhood with some uphills. The sun was blisteringly hot, the weather you would expect at the beachside with clear blue skies. The first few cars looked at me like I was crazy. Nobody runs under the sweltering hot sun at 530 in the evening! But to be honest I like running when the sun is shining. I sweat more and I like it because it's something I'm used to. Heat is something I grew up with, therefore I find nothing wrong with a drenching workout. I hate running when the weather is cold or windy and the sun is hidden by the clouds. Sometimes when I have a late start, at 630pm and the sky was cloudy or overcast I feel a little bit sad. I like to have the sun shining on my face and warming my back as I run.

Trying to run again today. But careful not to hurt my left knee. Yesterday at the end of the run it hurt quite a bit that I had to hobble.

I bought another running shoe yesterday. When I first started I had only one: a New Balance 408. And then I left it at my parent's house so I had to buy a cheap pair - Reebok Premier Pheonix. Yesterday I left that pair in the car that my sister was using so I bought another cheap pair - Reebok Premier Smoothfit Cushion. Personally, I like the third one. It's very cushiony and just snug - doesn't bite into my toes like my New Balance does. The guys in the store were trying to make me buy an Asics but I prefer to take my time when it comes to buying a seriously expensive shoes. I plan to get a good running shoe when I go to Singapore as they have a better, greater selection. But for the time being I think these 3 pairs are enough. I have one at my parent's home, one in the car (mobile), and one at home.

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