Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kertih Beach

I heard that someone died during the Adidas KOTR. He was 22 years old.

So young.
I hope running was his passion. Because at least he ended his life doing something he was into.

I can't fathom deaths. I think at some point I was (or maybe still am) obsessed with subject of deaths.

My next door neighbor who was fit as a fiddle died of a heart attack at age 25. He was playing futsal. That was 2 years ago.

Anyway, I am writing to you from the comfort of my friend's apartment. I am in Kertih, on a work assignment that ended way too early to my delight. My flight is at night. So I am here hanging out by my lonesome enjoying the beautiful view of the shore.

Yesterday was supposed to be my rest day according to my 'training plan'. But my bestfriend (who works in Kertih) told me she's going for a jog by the beach, and I didn't hesitate. I've been meaning to have a taste of running along the shores with the waves beating down and the fresh air and the wonderful view for ages. Plus, there's something challenging about running on the sands.

So we did. I think the distance was about... give and take 2.3k-3km. It's not really that far, but the level of exertion was twice as much if you were running the same distance on a normal route/terrain. The wind was exceptionally strong. The shore was uneven, the sands too soft at some places, just hard at some. The waves lapped at my feet, sometimes tugging me into the sea. I struggled for the longest time at one stretch of dune because of the soft sands, sweat trickling off my face and neck. I stepped on thousands of seashells, giving me feet a nice reflexlogy massage. But it was an amazing run, a different mood altogether than my normal straight to the point run. I'm glad I made it to the far end of the bay. Plus, my knees and shin don't hurt so much because of the soft ground.

Since I'd only be reaching Subang at 7pm, I'll make today my rest day.

And I'll start running again tomorrow!

To be honest, I am worried that I'll stop my running if there aren't any events to look forward to. I've been running dilligently for the past 2 months because there were events I was training for, but now since the nearest event is in October, plus the ramadhan coming up, plus some crazy schedule in my life coming up, I'm afraid I won't be able to maintain my routine.

But I guess it's all mind over matter. When there's a will, they say, there's a way.

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