Thursday, August 13, 2009

Everybody's Sick

in the office today. Myself included. I'm having a mild sore throat which I bet was transferred from my boyfriend as he was coughing last night when we were in the cinema. We watched G.I. Joe which was great. Later that night he followed my running route just to gauge the distance... and it was a disappointing 4.6km.

This morning I went and used google map to map my route and measure the distance. My Monday route was a dismal 4.6km, but yesterday's route was surprisingly longer = 5.2km. The route felt shorter but definitely harder. I enjoyed thinking about it now, but yesterday I nearly fainted with the effort. There are some hilly parts in my neighborhood! But it was a good run because I was fighting with myself and to me suceeding to ignore and fight my inner running wimp is way better than winning anything. I always feel good after challenging myself.

My knees are hurting on a regular basis now. They hurt even when I was static... more so. I think I better start drinking Anlene or something. And wear those knee wraps my dad wears after a run. He says they work wonders.

Talking about my dad, I am dying to run with him in one race. But I am afraid that he'll overexert himself and get a heart attack or something. My dad is a typical Lelaki Melayu Gagah a.k.a Ego. Having run as just a hobby (like I was until this year), obviously he was more concerned with how fast he is than the others and not how good the running is. I was like that too. I always mentally judge or compare other runners. But when I started 'training' I told mysef that I will take my time and take it real slow, no matter what other people think.

I used to like running with my dad but not anymore since our priorities are different. Before, we would just run for the heck of it. We would race each other and stuff. But last 2 weeks when we ran together, he was running at a faster pace than I was and when it was obvious that I could go longer and he couldn't (after 5km), he wouldn't want to stop. He would push himself just so that I don't beat him. What a runner's ego! I am WORRIED that he'll just get a heart attack or collapse. I mean, he's 57 and smokes like a chimney. Plus all he cares about is beating me since there's no specific goals for him to achieve (like, increase speed slowly over one month period, etc etc).

I've managed to persuade him to join the Mizuno Wave Run but now I'm not so sure about it. The other senior runners have been running for years and know how to pace themselves. My dad is a typical male who wants to run AND win. I'm just afraid he'll push himself too far. When I told him that simply finishing a race is amazing enough he eeked me and said that there's nothing more embarassing than having others waving you on. I told you he's a typical Gold, Silver, Bronze sports person.

Today is running! I hope the traffic at the lake is clear or else I'll have to settle with my neighborhood.

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