Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some kind of personal

I've been doing sports for a long time to know that cotton anything is bad and we all should go and Dri-Fit ourselves. But I hate Dri-Fit. My running tshirts of choice would always be cotton. I know they get sticky, and super wet you could wring it to fill a cup, but I could never replace cotton with Dri-Fit. Dri-Fit tshirts always emanate the sour glue-y smell that never goes away. Plus I hate that it's slippery on the skin. I am way too used with the sticky cotton thing.

I remember being a university student and browsing through the sports shops looking at the arrays of technical garments. These shops know how to advertise; I felt like I needed everything they have in the shop. But alas, the only thing I could part my money with is just a pair of socks, and my biggest splurge ever when I was a student was a super snug Nike Dri-Fit running tights that I still wear only on special occasion, the last one being a 4 hour run with the running senior in uni. The running tights is long, grey in color, exactly like the compression tights you see these days. I had planned to wear it for the Kl Marathon, but looks like it's going to sit this one out.

This week is off to a slow, or rather haphazard start. I always know more or less what I would be doing every night, and hardly ever stray from my pre-programmed cardio of choice. But yesterday night I bailed out and decided to stay in instead, to lose myself in a book. Telling myself that it's ok to just have a day off is easy, it's convincing the rigid and rabid sports ghoul in me that it's ok that is hard. I hate to wake up the next morning feeling guilty over a missed workout. Which is what happened more or less this morning, but I pushed it away, rationalizing myself that I NEEDED the break:

a) My cousin was admitted to Ampang Puteri yesterday after a confirmed relapse. He has been battling leukemia since he was 14, and he is now 23. We've been scared too many times with this relapse game, only this time it is real, and definitely ugly. Yesterday, I saw the person I grew up with, gave up on everything. He refused to do chemo (it won't help him anyway), and asked his brother to deactivate his Facebook account, let his chickens go, sell off his car, and quit his first - and new - job (he has been in his office only 3 days before getting the news). We're hoping that this passing time would be easier on him, eventhough it won't be for us. All I could remember was the time when him and me went to Bali together, and it was such a fireball of fun.

b) Work. Ever since I'm transferred to a project, life is certainly different. Working hours are funny, and I don't really have a spare time to, well, spare. But I LOVE what I'm doing, and it feels like in school except I get paid for it.

c) Knees. Resting them this time feels a lot easier on the mind than previously. I'm definitely not going to fall into the trap of rushing into the running scene and hammering it even with injuries. It's not worth it. I could always pick up running back. I will never lose the 'mojo' for it.

Wednesday today! My favorite day, cardio wise. Ooooooh can't wait until 5pm.


  1. # 1...wohooo...
    sad to hear that - a)

    wear both cotton and dry fit - confortable and not feeling guilty...

  2. hehehhehe if there's a medal for the first commenter you'd be racking them all!!

  3. After so many technical event tees, I really missed the cotton ones like they gave before i.e. Ambank 2008 KL-Marathon or even the Milo tee.

    Sorry to hear about your cousin. Wishing the best for him.

  4. diket: siemens run is stull giving out cotton tees!

  5. Sorry to hear about ur cuz too. May he recover soon.

    Upgraded myself to Dri-Fit/technical stuff. But I'd wish to run in my many rock t-shirts, or football jerseys. But with this climate, forget about it.

    Enjoy your new project. Wow, work's like school huh. I'm grinning with envy. At least u r still located around KLCC, babes' haven. Haha...update me on other locations for babe-gazing ye.

    Enjoy your workout today!

  6. if you take part in tri races, all they ever give out are cotton tees. I have so many tees, I have them stuff in a box and wear those that fit me or the ones I like, like Sundown.

    Sorry to hear about your cousin.

    What kind of job let you leave at 5.00pm. I'm so jealous!

  7. me a heavy sweater, need to use the dry fit one. Me also jealous finish work at 5pm and at KLCC some more :)

  8. ka: you can always come to KLCC after work and oggle!

    kash: I leave at 5pm because I arrive at work at 650 and start my day at 7 am :) but now maybe I leave late urghhhh

    ziff: heheeh but I live in subang! 5pm keluar sampai rumah kul 7pm haih.

  9. Sorry to hear about your cousin.
    Seremban pon bagi cotton-t, good quality lagi..