Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's OK

Yes I'm indecisive, but this time around I think I'm pretty sure about it.

I'm pulling out of the SCKLM. I might be there just to accompany my dad in case my cousins aren't running, but I'd prefer if I do my own thing instead of being by the sideline :) (or maybe be Kash's sergeant of arms for her kedai runcit... after all, I worked as a sales assistant during uni for years!)

Sunday I was up and ready to go for a nice long run to just give some juice back into my dormant running legs. I went out for a warm-up run and only in the third km I felt a slight pinch.

I continued my run again with the company of a good running friend. The conversation was good, the weather was blisfully humid (we started at 840 am) and my mind and heart were psyched. I was ready to run longer, albeit slower. Things were looking up, and my body was warm enough to the point where I nearly started to hum. The only problem was my knees were complaining of being overworked and they did not like it one bit.

They made a point to tell me about their unsatisfaction every single pounding step. But the run was getting good, we were just warmed up and in my heart I could go on and on and on with this. This used to be my walk in the park.

But I'm not stupid, and I refuse to be foolish for the second time around. I cannot run anymore, well not at that time. I can't - and won't - let me ego of running yet another marathon or a much talked about race hinder the progress of my recovering knees. I still have other events to run in, and I'm not going to spoil it by forcing my knees into submission, to which they simply won't.

This is the tiring part of running, the part where I almost always go back and forth between throwing the towel, or exclaiming, "I love running!" I'm tired of juggling between want and can't. It's highly demotivating and such a downer to keep on worrying about nagging injuries.

But it's not the end of the world.

I had a great Saturday, and for that I am grateful. It wasn't as good as last last Saturday, to which I would put up as the benchmark for the best workout performance ever. I have come to totally cherish who I am turning to instead of just being resistant to change. There is a different possibility in my athletic capability, in my future athletic journey, and to be honest I am more than fine to accept it.

Let's have a perfect week ladies and gentlemen.

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain."Maya Angelou


  1. Take care of those knees, they only come in a pair :) and catch you later this weekend.

  2. Perfect quote from Maya. I needed that.

    Anyway, take care of the knees.

  3. No worries Nadia. We still have POS though :)

    Take care

  4. diket: Yes I will, and I'd be kash's sergeant of arms at her kedai runcit!

    khoo: Glad you love the quote. It's a good reminder.

    syah: Yes, I'm not the slightest bit 'terkilan'. We will be cheering on you!

  5. It's perfectly okay. You're running for you and nobody else.

  6. Nadia, take your time. Give yr knees a good rest. Nx year can have yr revenge!

  7. julin julai: right on. Thanks for that.

    zaki: hehehe maybe, maybe not! 42km is too damn far!

  8. Hey, take care of those knees ok. I think you've made the right decision. U know ur body the best. And it's not easy for us to convince you.
    I admire ur fighting spirit still. Alrite, just be there to "meramaikan kaum" and snap some photos. Thanx again for the company and we shall do it again when those knees are fine.

  9. Nad, it takes courage to just not do scklm. Not an easy one but you know whats good for ya kiddo :)

  10. nadia, probably u can be on bike and cover the entire distance with us.

    p/s - I'm also contemplating whether to do this or not ... not because of injury but due to lack of training.

  11. Nadia : you proved it in Sundown Marathon, you can do it again...Let's give Standard Chartered KL Marathon one hell of a run!!

    Ian pulling out from Full Marathon? this just so NOT you ian, come one ian...for the sake of the sports...(screw the PB or PW..who cares..)

  12. ian: that's a good idea... getting a nice workout while cheering on friends. Will consider that.

    ijam: there's nothing I want than to run in this race, but it's simply not possible.

    yim: run for me ok!!

  13. ka: noted. we will be running together soon!