Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Week So Far

Been feeling quite good lately. Can't wait for this week to be a 'perfect' week.

Monday: my calves hurt to the point of no return. The top of my right foot swelled up and turned red and was such a pain to put weight on that I was worried I might have sprained or -worse - fractured it. But I managed to walk around, albeit slowly and even went to the movies! Haha. I did a crude version of an ice bath twice and that really helped.

Tuesday: Did a small recovery workout. It was very fun, lighthearted, with no specific skills, drills or anything goal-oriented in mind. But ego got the best of me when I saw a couple hard working 'weekend warriors' doing their training and well, what the heck, a few sprints with proper forms couldn't hurt. I haven't skated up those killer inclines for ages. I welcome the burning thighs. Why am I easily out of breath lately? This is frustrating. By this time my feet and legs were ok, just the swelling on top of the right foot.

Wednesday: My favorite day - a quick karate class plus some stretching/strengthening. Karate kicked my ass. Immediately all the soreness in my legs were gone, to be replaced by the upcoming pain that will visit me in the night. I was excused out of doing drills cause coach said my foot looked funky. The stretching classes were awesome, so good, I stayed for another 1 one hour class. I could feel the lactic acid draining out and forming puddles on the floor as we stretch and stretch and stretch. I have weak arms. A guy in the class fell asleep during our 5 minute of 'relaxation' pose (which entails you laying on your back on the floor and basically not moving at all... memangla best gila).

Came back last night, felt that I could do another hour of hard workout. My legs felt good, springy, except for a slight soreness in the right knee, for which I am forever careful of. Iced my lower body for a good 20 minutes. Fell into a deep sleep of good thoughts. I love it when I go to bed tired but satisfied.

Would I do a marathon again? If you asked me last Sunday the answer would be a definite NO. NOOOO. Now, I'm not so adamant about it, but maybe it's because I generally like running. I was thinking yesterday where would be the next 'fun' race - where I could do a fun 10k, 12k or a 21k without the freaking out factor. Without the constraints and demands of training. I've signed up for the small races with my dad and I cannot wait to be running in races with him again. Running for Sundown was a good wake up call for my fizzled out passion. I look forward to be pounding the pavement, feeling free.

But for the moment, I will be putting my focus on my prime and favorite workout which I have been doing a lot of lately. I once read a blog of someone who found her true calling in swimming after doing a multisport (she was brought up as a runner) and I remembered thinking, "How could running be replaced?" and now I know. Yes, now I know. Running will always be in my heart. But I can't get rid of the insane calm and peace I get when I am all alone with only hills and flat routes for hours.


  1. wow what a week, and it is just Thursday .... interesting workout regime you hav ethere .... jealous! :)

  2. ian: you have a diversity in your workouts as well don't you? you're a PT!

    syah: apa ni smoke2. im all about sweating... not speeding hehehe

  3. mak oit. U can still went to the karate class! Suspek betul! (this is Zul Hassan's term for respect)

  4. hmm I was wondering suspek to apebenda. I didnt do a single thing this week…MALAS!!! hehehe

  5. someone got the marathon bug dah ...

  6. i so envy you. i haven't done a thing at all. just work...
    glad to know that u are recovering well. still remembered how u said "kaki i patah" countless times in s'pore. LOL
    there are 3 geli2 runs in July. Centro (12km), Siemens (10Km) and the ultimate chick-gazing (also guys la, but i don't give two hoots) run, Shape (12km). Jom Rocket....lari dengan Nightrain :)

  7. i bet your endurance mesti tinggi giler, dah boleh buat ironman ni

    lutut tengah recover ler ni, ice & rest. dah setahun lebih tak lari, tetiba nak LSD, kaput la lutut ni :p start walk/run with short distance je, 5-6k on alternate days.

    kalau kayuh, langat's route will be my first choice, best! nanti bila kash dah announce nak start kayuh, we'll go there k

    first race, SCKLIM, half mara :D i'm praying that on the night before the race, baby tak meragam. pleaseee mama nak tidur...

  8. ka: Im joining all the races you listed except for centro... you aren't joining mizuno? let's run! we can always talk cock during... provided you don't speed off heheheh

    jaja: mmg tak. i just enjoy exercising, and my priority is to enjoy it, not to focus too much in the speed.

    yep. my lutut pon teruk gila last year... i now limit it to 2 runs per week je... if feeling good maybe add one more. but that's it.

    hehehe im sure the baby understanding... both parents super athletes what!

  9. The Nightrain is going to Bali for HM on 17/10, the same day as Mizuno. Couldn't afford Melbourne Marathon and couldn't gather my guts to do KK Climbathon, so Bali Half it is, plus
    a few days of bliss over there...
    we can talk cock at Shape/MH Run. don't think we can finish in top 75 to earn medals la. hehe...