Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Comment Too Many

Yesterday was a workot session of mixed feelings. I always love getting my heart pumped up, and that's the only good part of the workout yesterday. Well, I know it's a skill/form honing session, but really, do I have to be commented on every single second? Am I that bad, that horrible? Have I been doing it horribly wrongly the past years?

It was really hard to keep me optimism in check yesterday. Worse of all is when too many people tell me contradicting stuff - I'm going too fast, so I slow down then the next guy says, hey, you're not even pushing it, don't be so relaxed! - and I ended up completing the whole thing totally self-concious about how I do it. Isn't the point of working out is to enjoy? I do want to improve but really, give me a break! One thing at a time please, not asking me to simultaneously work on my arms, leg and head while I suffer from a nervous breakdown in the midst of training.

Oh well... it's called a training for a reason, right? Serves me right for 'wanting to get better'. But do I need more than 3 people telling me what to do? And all different comments.

In the shower afterwards I took my time to keep myself in check. Comments are good, and I should welcome all tips as a positive, not a mental downer. They're just trying to help, is all. But really, I don't understand it when other people have 'urges' to give out comments or tips. I never gave out any because I'm certainly no expert in running, etc.

For example, running in mid-sole vs heel strike. Different people runs differently, that is all. I've met runners who've been using heel strikes their whole life and seem to be just fine. Just because I can't use heel striking, and that mid-sole running is much more encouraged, doesn't mean EVERYBODY has to do it. I understand that, why can't some people?

There's this one guy who just gotten serious with running. We were talking about my five fingers when I told him that I'm wearing it to correct my running stance and he turned to another friend of mine who's really, just a social runner and said, "Did you hear that... heel striking is BAD. Igt, front landing ok?" I was just thinking, dude, really, how do YOU know it's bad? I love the fact that you love running and make the effort to read and learn as much about the sport as possible, but really, who's to say that she should DEFINITELY run with a front landing? I certainly don't preach to people about converting to mid-sole running or whatever.

My motto is - if it ain't broken, don't fix it. Easy. Whatever works for you right? We're all running for ourselves here, and unless you keep getting injuries, you should just stick to your style regardless of what people tell you too. Unless you want to be faster, and if by changing forms could help you with it, by all means, go ahead! You need to train following your goals and tweak according to them, whatever they might be (to finish fast, or to just complete the race, etc).

Anyway, I have nothing against receiving feedbacks and comments, in fact, I appreciate them. I guess last night was one comment too many (from various people) which lead me to feel mentally down, and plus, it was that time of the month for me, so you know, bring on the emotional messss. :)

Happy Weekends everybody! My cardio menu seem quite full for it. Yay!


  1. hihihi saja je pagi2 jumaat tulis karangan.

  2. Hey...u know ur body the best. Ignore 'em if u think it's getting beyond ur need for advice. Just tell urself, or even give 'em a hint, "suka ati aku la."
    Dah la, let 'em pass. Have a great weekend!

  3. ka: i agree with you! im actually ok with it but i guess last night was an emo night cannot escape being a woman damn!

  4. you go gurl. seems like you're having a blast of a time. like you've said, need no fixing if it aint broken. need not mind them. they arent the one having a blast like you are :)

  5. some sports need skill (like swimming, tennis), some don't, like running. It's really 80% endurance and 20% form. There's no right or wrong to running. It has to feel natural.

    but if its a skill sports, then I think its best we get the basics right.

  6. agree with i sound better..

  7. Becoz of the shin plint and Doc's advise, I tried to change to heel strike but later i had another kind of pain in other part of the leg. Now I just run in mid foot strike or whatever that i feel OK with

  8. I feel, if whatever I'm doing right now is okay and I'm fine without injuries, then probably I'm doing the right thing for me..heel strike, midsole or no.
    They're just theories.
    Lantakla kan?