Sunday, June 6, 2010


I think I went overboard last week by jumping straight into my fitness routine as if last Saturday all I did was an hour of exercise.

By Saturday I was a burnout. and this, with Friday off.

I spent Thursday night spending 2 hours working out a sweat with a punishing (and self demoralizing) workout. I hate it when it's a form/skill honing day. You go back and forth from criticizing yourself when your form flails to patting yourself on the back for a good job well done. The guys I work out with stopped their own workouts to concentrate on mine instead. In the end I came home with a very sore body and had a really nice icing session. Ice works wonders! I wonder why it took me a long time to do the whole body icing party.

Friday was supposed to join the uncles but it was raining and to be honest I muttered a loud 'Thank You God' with relief as I dove back into bed. I decided to do nothing since I would need all the energy for my weekend.

Saturday was a nice weather day for being outdoors. It was raining and I love the rain. It was a small group and I think I enjoyed it but I couldn't get rid of this nagging tiredness that's just at the back of my head... or rather on my back, literally. I felt sluggish and slow, and I didn't have it in my heart to push all out. I wondered whether it was because of my water intake, or lack of fuel, or the route itself, or whether I was sleepy, but then it just dawned on me that maybe I was just tired. I didn't really let myself recover after last weekend and come Saturday the fatigue has settled nicely on my body.

Sunday I spent the whole day just sleeping and reading a book with my cat at my side. And I mean it, I slept through the day, waking up intemittently for neccessary things. Plus the top of my ankle still hurts and I think my knees are cranky. I think I'm going to let off the next 2 weeks and do something else. My office department started their routine badminton tournament again and this time I'm going to insist on the singles and kill the other female shuttlers! I never liked playing doubles and the last time I did it was hell. I'm such an Alpha female it doesn't work in a team.

Time to work on my netplay, smashes, and my numero uno favorite - the DROP SHOTS. Betul.


  1. boleh la join main badminton mcm ni...lama tak pegang raket ni...

  2. Alpha female gurl, you need to slow down a bit before the earth disappears :)