Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday Ramblings

I guess everybody has their own reasons for being sedentary.

I used to hate time-offs. In school and all throughout university, a pause in my work out regime throws me off the loop so much. Maybe because I didn't really have a goal to train for before, therefore it was always harder to start again what you have stopped. I realized that it's easier for me now to let go of a day - or days - of training if I was feeling tired, sluggish, or even lazy. Unlike in my student days, exercising was not just something additional in my life that I could take out like a block - it has become a lifestyle. And with that mindset change, I am less severe with my workouts, knowing that I'll get back at it in a few days' time.

A lot of girls complain about their ugly tan lines but I love mine so much that I feel sad when I see them slowly fading. For me, tan lines are a visual proof of how many hours I put into the sports I enjoy so much, a unique sort of body markings that only mutual weekend warriors share. Sports have truly strengthened my identity and foothold in this world. It is one area where I am truly proud and confident in. I might not be the speediest swimmer, the strongest cyclist, the fastest runner, the toughest karate opponent, or the most flexible yogi, but I am relentless and continuous, like the sine wave. I like the fact that I could hold on holding on even through the worst moments. I like the moments of self-doubts that I faced, the periods where I would go back and forth between "Maybe I should stop," and "No maybe I should continue." And to come out of it in the end, scathed, tired, injured sometimes, but beaming inside. And the best of it all when I celebrated my own victory to myself, feeling the burn of pride and joy inside me like a bad gastric attack. There's nothing more wonderful than that.

I am feeling a little bit under the weather. Agaiiiin, I heard you say. Yeah I am tired of feeling sick too, but the body (or antibody) wants to do what it wants to do. I think it might also be because of the hard workout session I did last night. It was a comeback sort of cardio, and it was nice to forget about goals, race, time or form. I was glad to be doing it with the company of people whom I have considered great friends.

Weekend is here! I love the weekends. I have sort of a good cardio cocktail for this week but with my fever I'm not too sure. I guess a lot of us here are hitting more and more mileage for the upcoming KL Marathon. I really need to do a proper LSD one of these days. All of my long distance offical runs were always done without proper training and preparation, which always results in poor performance if I was inclined to keep score. But I enjoyed every single one the haphazard race I did, so that's what matters!


  1. Are u going for the full M at SCKLM?

  2. i can't remember! maybe it was a half marathon... but I can't be too sure. I always forget what I clicked on haha.

    are you?

  3. My shin splints still bugging my left leg. Most likely run in 1/2 M.

  4. Nadia,
    I thought you've clicked 42km?

  5. nik: i think i did... kan? i better check! god.

    julin: yay!!! finally let's all say hello.

    ziff: you registered for a 42 or 21?

  6. You are under the weather again? Hmmm...u'll get over it i'm sure. Apa2 pun, don't simply add mileage until too near to the race. Nanti burnout.
    Tan lines are definitely nice. But it's not something typical. Like we care kan...
    Rocket, 5:30 for KL ye? Hehe...u can do eeeeet!

  7. KA: haha yeah i can do 530 + ! more hour.