Thursday, June 24, 2010

Invisible PBs

I've been walking almost daily just to keep my legs in shape. Walking uses way different muscles than running and the all too familliar soreness in the not-so-familliar places feel great. Walking is a fun exercise that you can do socially, which is great because I could do it with my mom, or sister, or my cat. Plus it's a warm up to when my legs feel good enough to start running again.

Bumped into an old uncle I used to see regularly when I was running at the lake at 17. Somehow I've always known that I will want to follow his footsteps. He has been running for 50 years, he told me proudly. He is 65 years old now. The last race he ran was in high school. This man was fast when I saw him at the lake. I always enjoyed watching him warming up and doing intervals. Not an ounce of fat could be found on his body and this is a man with many grandkids and a wife that likes to cook. He probably has never heard of chrondomalacia patella either. Sighs. I told him he should try to run in local races but he's just not interested. Running is just something he does, like gardening. "You don't see me trying to get into a gardening contest now do you?"

One day, that will be me. Joining the ranks of other uncles and my dad, running in our own invisible race, wearing countless of invisible bibs, scoring uncountable PBs and PWs. No money wasted, yet fulfilled to the core. But for the time being, let my neck grow heavy with the medals (kalau dapat la hehe), and my closet full of running vests. You know you can't resist the goodies. I wear the running vests for my karate/kickboxing class. And mostly to sleep :)

Wednesday: Worked my legs and arms so much that I feel like I'm carrying metal weights in my body right now. During the class while doing the stances and postures, my thighs were trembling. What is this? I thought my legs are in good shape but apparently not, blown to smithereens by a simple basic balancing pose. The mental focus needed in this class is probably the best challenge ever. If I could hold on to this tremendous torture, I could probably hold on to the grueling pain in a long distance anything.

Thursday: Simply awesome. I am in love. Will work hard to maintain this feeling of being a beginner, even after years of doing it. In the midst of exerting myself to the point of no return, I thought about how lucky I am to be able to do the things I want to do. My cousin, at 23 years old, is on his deathbed. He told me yesterday of all the things, he suddenly choked up about the fact that he'd miss getting diarrhea during Eid. Also complaining about the heat. Little, unimportant things. And there I was, feeling so alive and heady and happy, my heart beating, every fiber in my muscles working. Gratefulness is the way to go. I would be doing this for him from now on.

SCKLM is this Sunday. I wish EVERYONE my most heartiest luck. You guys are awesome in your own special way. I say that because I'm still single, with only friends and work to manage, and I still have a hard time juggling my sports and everything else. Kudos to all you running parents, especially mommies out there. Also for Yim, Kak June, Syed, Ziff, etc who would be doing their first marathon (betulkan?) - remember if I could do it (10k of LSD!!!) then most definitely you guys could too. Just take care of them knees!

If you guys see an aging uncle with a white mustache, say hello to him!


  1. Thanks Nadia. Though I wish u could join us running this sunday, it would be equally great if u could be there meeting with the RBUs at Dataran :)

  2. uncle with white misai, uncle with white misai, uncle with white it..!!

  3. nadia, will u be with kash on that day? if so, will see you there. take care lil sis.

  4. so sweet...

    are we seeing you next to Kash on Sunday?

  5. Ijam - white misai? kalau abang misai aku kenal lah hahahah

  6. ian: i want to but we have an errand to do later on so i can't stay too long :(

    syah: hehe good luck syah!