Sunday, September 13, 2009

Worst Run

Last Saturday I dragged myself for a run.

It was my worst Ramadhan run yet, and it was all thanks to mental fatigue than anything else. I felt it even before I started running, and it caught up on me fully on my third kilometre. I considered stopping at 4km, but something in me refused to give up. I told myself this is good practice for when I run in a real race, all this running through exhaustion and mental fatigue. I got bad stomach cramps throughout and tried to focus on my breathing to lessen the pain. I focused on my flailing form too - I have bad form when I am tired; my body is hunched, my arms cris-crossing my body, my feet slapping the ground - when things get really rough. I broke down the run in parts - until the next tree, and the uncles stretching, the bench at the bottom of the hill... until it is 6.6km.

Done. So glad I pushed through it.

I went back home and got so exhausted that I could barely talk while waiting to break fast. My mom was furious, making me promise not to run in Ramadhan again. I downed 4 mugs of Soya Bean drink, barely eating my meal. I had another 2 mugs of Ribena again.

But I felt soooooo gooood.

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