Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Squashed the M Bug

Yesterday was a funny story.

I had planned to run. Changed into my running attire after work, went through all the hoopla. Yet when I arrived at the KJ LRT station to my car I was overwhelmed by the laziest feeling in the world. The sky looked dark, it looked like it was about to pour heavily any second. I began making excuses for myself. I'm just too tired, I think. Plus, it's Ramadhan. Most runners don't even run. You won't lose your conditioning, I told myself. Hey, aren't you supposed to enjoy running? You need a mental rest from all these running. And so on.. all the way into LDP.

When I reached the Western Digital junction, I was praying to God for it to rain. I just neede an excuse not to run. It's just too dark to run, I thought miserably. RAIN now! I ordered to the sky from my tiny antique car.

When I got into the intersection to subang via SJMC, I looked to the right and saw only 2 lone figures at the lake, doing their laps. That's it, I'm not going, I told myself. But I know deep down inside I would NEVEr hear the end of it if I didn't. Laziness is common, I told myself sternly. YOU JUST HAVE TO DO IT.

So I did.

And it was a great run. Great, as in, I wasn't really tired, although very thirsty and somewhat achier than normal. I kept to my Ramadhan pace although I tried upping the speed a little bit, and fought with my wimpy self when I pushed a little bit harder during uphill. Great, I thought ironically, of all the time I wanted to push myself harder, I have to do it during Ramadhan.

The lake was surprisingly near empty. Maybe it was the looming dark sky that made people think a downpour's going to happen, but it did not start to drizzle until I was doing my post-run stretches. There were only 5 cars there including me. I saw the friendly Indian uncle as usual with his running buddies. I was enjoying my run. It's funny - most of my great runs happened in Ramadhan. I guess it was a combination of things = less people, slower pace, shady weather.

I'll definitely keep up to this. Next up, Thursday.

Tuesday ramadhan run = 6.6km, 50 minutes.