Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Miss Running!

The last time I ran, it was Saturday.

I'm nursing a slight fever+flu and basically just feeling lethargic all around so I've decided not to go for a run for a while. But I'm feeling the emotional withdrawal of running. It doesn't help that I read running blogs daily and their updates about how good this run felt, and how awesome the mental challenge was makes me feel like donning a pair of running shoes right now and run! I've felt this time and time again; running is such a curse you're stuck with sometimes. It's such a love hate thing. I mean, I can't go for more than 3 days of not running to start to feel either guilty, missing it badly, or eager to run. And to think before I picked up running seriously I couldn't care less whether I've put in any mileage or not!

Before I decided to take running seirously, I was already on a sports bender. I played squash on mondays, Badminton on thursdays, kickboxing wednesdays and I swim on saturdays. I was in a good shape. But after I picked up running I was obsessed with putting in mileage and getting faster or running longer as soon as possible. It got so bad that I always canceled kickboxing classes with my friend, and completely stopped badminton and squash altogether. Swimming is the only thing I keep because swimming is... sometimes a little bit better than running in my book. Heheheh. Plus it helps to keep my knees safe while providing a good cardio exercise. Oh now I miss swimming too! I could go for a fast 500m without getting winded... I bet I can't do 50m now.

Could somebody please tell me that it's normal to feel like this? I'm feeling a little guilty of not running for 4 days now. What's the longest time any of you didn't run? And does it get any worse to pick it up?


  1. Haha, don't worry you are normal, especially if you have just caught the running bug. Because all you wanna do is get longer and get faster. I was like you. But two years later, I learnt that you have to run smart, to make every run count, and plus now that I am into triathlon, I need to juggle the swim and bike.

    In the meantime, just run your heart out. FYI< you'll start to lose fitness if you dont run 3 days in a row, but u can get it back. I once was off running for 3 weeks due to injury but got back to run slow, in time for Penang marathon, but I suffered on the run. So when u are training for a race, try to keep to yr training plan.

    Good luck, I can see you are doing well. Keep running.

    trust me.....it feels worse than the end of the world when you've gone 2 days without running!!!
    I used to love to swim...but now running trumps swimming as well.
    these days got no mood to hit the pool!!!
    Keep up the running!!!!

  3. sesungguhnya anda normal...
    My longest was last year's puasa and raya... it took me 3 months to come back (also for Penang). I have not been running a single day this week (busy yang amat), and the guilt is enormous...

    we have singapore coming, keep on pushing...

  4. Nadia (ur name is Nadia right?),
    Oleh kerana anda mengalami sindrom yg sama dan normal mcm runners lain, sy nak ucapkan selamat hari raya aidilfitri. maaf zahir dan batin!!!

    Time raya ni carboload cukup2.. lepas raya kita kasi gegaarrrr!!!!! Hehehe.