Monday, August 2, 2010


A friend summed it up: the journey is hard but the reward is sweet.

Another awesome weekend topped with awesome companies. And this proves just how much I love what I do for the sake of doing it. No hard earned medal. But it was well worth slogging the hours for. The cramps were paralyzing. The aches and pain beyond tolerable. But mentally I was sound. The heat was an old friend; nothing could beat the scorching Nepal heat. The scenery was fantastic. At one point we passed through a majestic looking factory/industrial building that was covered in rust dust. LaFarge Cement, the signboard says. It loomed against the blue sky, and I literally went, "Wow," - all painful extremities forgotten.

Things I passed:
1) Cemeteries: One Chinese cemetery, Christian cemetery and Muslim cemetery.
2) Roadkills: 2 cats, 1 white/ginger kitten (sob!), and a fox.
3) Kids: Who high-passed me along the way.
4) Bridges: Awesome.

When you don't train, you're not fast. My speed is slow, but I was constant. I enjoyed the route. And the route enjoyed me.

Saturday was bodywork day. Went for a strengthening/stretching class after a long time of not going and ohmygod it was awesome. Awfully awesome. My arms were sore, my legs were straining against the load and when they were working on the abs I tried not to pass out. Another 2 runners were there and they were discussing about running in the Tokyo Marathon? I love seeing running comrades at the classes.

Then went for a reflexology and acupuncture session. Acupuncture was good; my knees really got a nice zapping. I think I slept throughout the session.

Okay gotta go to work.


  1. khoo: I was about to ask the same thing. Thats an awesome weekend you have there.

    Roadkill: No snakes? The fox is new.

  2. have no clue...something about nepal...
    nepalese working here or you in nepal...

  3. keep on mengayuh babe. we'll berlari together again soon pulak :)
    acupunture? nice. take care of those knees okay!

  4. khoo: yes i did :)
    kash: i didnt see snakes.. but the kitten was a total blow to me.
    ijam: hehehehheh saja blog post mysteri
    KA: one day we will run together.

  5. you are so unpredictable nowadays .... :)

    Glad that u had a blast ... will catch up with u one of these days.