Saturday, August 21, 2010

Old School

The best thing about a group workout? Like minded buddies.

I'm always a loner when it comes to doing my endurance stuff. I think I prefer the solitude and company of myself too much to share it with some other exercising buddies. And when it comes to group workouts - I stick by this motto: the less the better. Better conversation and concentration and more intense camaraderie. That being said, I'm not some hermit who despise large groups of people!

Had an awesome workout with an old friend of mine. We used to do our own Sunday cardio religiously until life and work took over. She was, essentially, my sifu. Introduced me to a lot of tricks and insights, and a powerhorse. Last night, what was supposed to be an 'easy' cardio turned out to be super HARD. It was a group of five and everyone is no newbie. I was thinking either a) they were just too fit or b) I am terribly unfit. I decided that the answer is both. I was breathing hard, so hard I thought my heart's going to jump out from my mouth. I felt like fainting. I thought I could hold it against them, but I ended up being last. The one left behind. But it was a good feeling because it means I have all the time in the world to get better!

I love being the last or the slowest or the most unfit due to hibernation. Most athletes hate this part, but I love the challenge of getting your stamina back to where it once was. I believe that if you've done it before, you will get there again. And sometimes you end up being way better. Plus, I like being able to push myself to the absolute limit and not overtake anyone without feeling like a showoff. The only person I love to gloat to is myself... and perhaps my dad.

I need to gain some bulk. Everybody's commenting how skinny I am and I feel like I'm too scrawny. I need to gain some mass and look, bigger. Urgh. My weight's totally healthy and normal (57 kg) but I look like an anorexic (a comment from a doctor!). I want to look like Gabrielle Reece. Growing up she was my role model. But instead I look like an out of job junkie... the real kind.


  1. Haha…you look alright to me. Any girl would love to have your physique. A cardio junkie perhaps but def not an out of job junkie. Keep the cardio revving! You are on your way of looking like Gabrielle Reece. :)

  2. Hawt if you must and just secukup rasa :)

  3. kash: i want a body like yours - fit AND nice to hold. I can't even lift furnitures!

    yim: but you havent seen gabrielle reece!

  4. hehehe ... u guys are funny. I think you look perfectly healthy .... anorexic NO. Fit and trimmed ... YES! I lost your number. You can drop by anytime for the book. just gimme a call. I shld be at home almost every evening and weekends.

  5. i randomly found your blog and never knew there were so many running blogs on the net! especially m'sian ones :) i've recently caught the running/exercise bug and am somewhat i totally agree re:workout buddies.even running buddies are great cause the often push u past your limit! awesome blog btw.

  6. u're super TALL! and very2 pretty girl :D

    hope to see u again this friday nite

  7. ian: will text you my number soon

    anz: there are a lot of runners in malaysia and they're growing like mushrooms! running buddies are awesome for the motivation but i prefer to run alone most of the time... i do have running buddies' time though!

    jaja: Yay, hope to see you too!