Monday, August 30, 2010


I dreamt about running just this morning. And it feels amazing. Dreamt that I put my shoes on, and went for a run around my neighborhood, and I picked up my pace faster, and the roads just became a blur, and I remember somewhere there's a red car. I could only see the view of my feet against the road though, but the red car was at the corner of my eyes. Is it calling me already? I do run better during Ramadhan, for unknown reasons. Maybe I sort of relate running to suffering, with all the dehydration and heat.

I miss working out. But I do enjoy all the time out.


  1. I am starting time-out Day 2 already. :)

  2. Me time out Day 8!

  3. kash and Haza: how's the time out feeling?

    syah: too syok to wake upp :)