Friday, July 23, 2010

A Yogi writes about his old flame

The best kind of a workout blog post:

 "I went to yoga again yesterday, and you were there too. No one really knew we used to be together, and I’m pretty sure in a while people who had an inkling of our relationship would forget that we even existed. Our love disappeared as easily in the crowd of people crammed inside the elevator, and they carried with them pieces of us on the way out. In between warrior and plank pose I saw the roll of tummy bulge above the elastic of your pants and I smiled to myself. Cute, just like your face. I love all your imperfections, the stubble on your armpits, your occasional back breakouts, your stinky breath in the morning. I like the woman I had as opposed to the woman everybody sees – the lipstick wearing, perfume misting, powerhouse of a lawyer. Everybody loves a pin-up girl. But could you find someone who loves you and the uneven skin tone of your body? I do. Some people may have called you a bitch in the court, but gladly you’re my downward dog."

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