Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I've been hitting it hard during the weekends and taking it easy (almost sloth like) during the week. Workload's taking the blame, followed by my new place, also the fact that I'm sick - again.

 Sometimes during the long drive back I look at the roads wistfully and think of how amazing if I get to test drive them instead of being stuck in a car. I am forever finding new routes to discover, new sights to see. I would love to run the whole way of LDP, or if I had to compromise, from the Sunway stretch to Penchala toll.

 Also the USJ-Nilai highway stretch, what a fucking trip that would be on foot. The rolling routes... amazing. 

 In the meantime, I'll be doing the Siemens run. The first time I did my 'official' 10k race, it was this one last year, and I spent the whole day feeling like Marge Simpson, like I'm a superwoman.



  1. U r sick? Get well soon, in time for Siemens. Yeah, sometimes when I look at the highways I feel the same way too. NPE someday?

  2. I might bump into you in Siemens... get well soon :)

  3. KA: NPE is just like Federal i think, too flat? hehe let's do the usj-nilai, pretty.

    syah: yay, let's say hello.

    khoo: good, holler at me ok!

  4. Hope to see u too this Sunday! :-D