Monday, July 26, 2010

Slog, Butt, Race

I had a nice weekend, although I wish certain things could go better. That thought stayed with me the whole drive back, until I am convinced there is nothing I could do about it. There will be bad moments and good moments. And most of the times you gain more with bad episodes. A famous super athlete once wrote -

"But I need to have these days (bad days) - because the 'defeats' expose my weaknesses, and enable me to grow, learn and develop as an athlete."

Not to say that I am an athlete, but you get what I mean. I would label this as an Experience/Lesson learnt and shelf it for my future reference.

That being said - I enjoyed the camaraderie. It's amazing how it buoyed me tremendously when I was running. I thought that I was going to have a bad run, but instead it turned out to be the best part of the race. I didn't care about the timing, I just wanted to stop and chit-chat with the other runners. I gave my Milo to someone else, paced with a good friend of mine Chris, and cheered on everyone whom I passed. Friends cheered on me too, which makes me feel like I'm doing something RIGHT.

I enjoyed it even more when I get to deal with thoughts of giving up. This is the best part of being in a race, I think, eventhough when you're in the midst of fighting yourself it just felt ugly. I kept telling myself that this will only make me stronger, and I will feel so damn proud of myself. I began listing out the things that are way worse than running a 10k under the hot sun after having your body slaughtered for the past 2 hours. So many things:

1) Losing/thinning hair
2) Fabregas out of Arsenal
3) Contador winning NEXT year's TDF
4) Lelaki berlagak
5) The extinction of Milo Ice
6) The death of my beloved cat, Cik Mek Molek

and on and on. In retrospect, running a 10k is way better than all of the above. It's not so bad really, with sexy girls and their asses hanging out, grandmas overtaking me and disappearing from sight, good looking men with skin the color of brown sugar.

The best for me is the company of Kash and her little support crew, Rais and Citra (who is my good friend!). Sometimes you wonder about the kindness of people and where/how it comes about - one of life's mysteries we will never figure out, nor do we want to. If you can have a savings account for good karma, I'm sure Kash and Rais would be millionaires. Thank you for making this event a great, close knit one.

So to summarize:

The best part of the race: the running event
The best part of being in this race: mentally fighting yourself not to give up
The best part of this event: Kash+rais+citra and meeting friends.

And now I am just tired and I want to sleep till the cows come home.


  1. aww…that's soo sweet, thank you. I got my own 'label' too? Hehe.
    I didn't get to sleep when I got home. And then it's off to the movies.

    I enjoyed your company as well, and honestly when I got back home I was wondering if we should do another road trip together for a Desaru race.

  2. Congratulations nadia!! at least you've completed your triathlon.
    I'm bloody damn scared of the ocean (and seluar terselit at you know where..hah, hah..)

  3. Congrats Nadia! wow, inspiring lah.

    Ijam, jom belajar swimming!! Aku still sangkut kat level badak berendam ajer nie

  4. nadia, Gosh congrats! I could never dream of swimming at the ocean. In fact, I could never dream of swimming ( damn scared of deeep waters).
    You're a tri person!

  5. congrats!!! sure best rite doing triathlons.. many more to come.. keep it up =)

  6. Ziff : jom ziff, aku dah ok ni, tengah racun si zaki tu- takut air tu...

    Kash : he, he...(i'm still gigling at your experience)

  7. fong: thanks. make sure you make that comeback next year :)

    julin julai: thank you! well, I could never run fast so we have each other's inability :)

    ijam/ziff: thank you guys!

  8. Well done Nadia. You are now a triathlete!