Friday, July 23, 2010


I always think of you most when I am on top of the hill, over the crest, and plunging downhill with the speed of 50km/h. The flapping of the winds in my ears and the blurriness of everything in front of me makes my mind peacefully empty, and for no apparent reason this always make me think of you. I miss you terribly the most when I am at my happiest moment, on my own. It’s not important for me to tell you the details of all the happiest moments in my life, but suffice that if I died on that highway crashed against the divider, you would be the last thing on my mind.


  1. are u riding the yellow sub or the wilier for PD?

    p.s first time I'm seeing a pic in your post. nice.

  2. I love this. If I were a teacher, I'd give you a sticker.