Saturday, October 30, 2010

Keputusan Lari Hari Sabtu

Alasan:period pain
Sebab benar: Malas

Akhirnya makan nasi dagang ss19 dengan emak.
Balik rumah register race event untuk bulan2 depan.
Macam mana nak race, kalau asyik duduk atas sofa lepas makan, well fed but brain dead.

Dah dua event DNS ni. Macam best pulak register and dapat baju free, pastu gi kerja on that day. hahah yeah right.


  1. hahah its what i am doing now, register tak lari, collect tshirt/vest hehe

  2. I did that for newton. hehe
    anyway today's run cut short to half. Hujan turn dgn lebatnya. Will try tomorrow, hpe the weather's good.

    I am thinking of repainting one wall to brick red. Def getting the kids to help out. Takde housewarming ke? Hehe

  3. k.june: ahah camana ni, it's like we're not only addicted to running... but also to registering for events!

    kash: the weather was kind to us in the morning today, how did your cardio fare?

    brick red is nice! very earthy and chill. I'm planning to do a housewarming and then we can swim in the pool! (training)

  4. Dont be like me Nadia, mad and happy clickity, trigger happy hahaha. Too much of a good thing sometimes isnt a good thing :)