Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Great List

I have tried running while I'm here in the states. Results:

1) Jet lag. I couldn't sleep and if I fell asleep I wake up about 2 hours after... at 3am and stay awake the whole time. By the time 8am rolled in, my head was pounding and I am already tired.
2) Run foiled due to long hours of work. One time we finished at 11pm! (we did start at 11am but still...)
3) Day 4-6: WORK.
4) Too cold. This is my weakness. I can't stand cold weather. I do really well in extreme heat and humidity that I have given my cold weather abilities away. I stepped out of my hotel room to run and scurry back into my room and warm toasty bed.

There was a 10k Halloween run in St. Louis the second day I was here. It looked nice, from the news.
The best thing about United States is the shopping. Ever since I was a kid and into sports, reading their fitness magazines made me wish I could live there. Here is my wish list:

1) Total 9, Underarmour and Champion sports bras: 'Nuff said. Sports bras in Malaysia are pussies compared to what they have here. Even Singapore doesn't stock them. Not all Asian females are tiny! Plus, being sportswomen don't really equal being flat chested. The best thing ever? The name of the best seller sports bra - The Last Resort. hahahahha!! Thank God it's not as vile as Supper Strappers or something.

2) Yoga/Pilates stuff: Cheaper, more variety.
3) More colorful jerseys/attire. YEAY!!

The only thing I managed to buy because I'm so busy with work: Clif Bars.

I've always wanted to taste Clif bars ever since 2 of my favorite super athletes blogged about them. Too lazy to properly research whether Singapore has them or not, I silently bid my time until this trip. Once I arrived, I bee-lined to the Sports Performance aisle in the store and sure enough, CLif bars are all lined up, calling my name. The one I got is Chocolate Brownie, and it tastes like chewy Milo and oatmeal. Perfect for my long periods of cardio!

Will try to run if work permits today.


  1. pegi St Louis, best nye...

    cliff bars ada la kat sini, eh sg kot... tak penah nampak kat kl

  2. cliff bars ada kat sg. I dont like it. Too sweet.

    Welcome back. U shd take extended holiday after yr work and shop!

  3. syah: ok je st louis. it's getting colder here! nice scenery though, with the falling leaves.

    kash: thats good. i like clif bars so far. and i am too broke to shop. London took a lot out of my bank account!

  4. enjoy and have fun ..i always go to their 2nd hand book store .. aaahh heaven

  5. wahlauwei St Louis ... post some photos ... :)

  6. kak june: aduiii 2nd hand book store?? duit tgh takde ni!
    ian: i didn't take many photos... always inside doing work!

  7. best nyer.. enjoy N post ur pics.. lots of them!!