Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gloomy City

I did not go for a run at all, even though I packed my running shoes (or to be more accurate, fingers). But I did see a lot of runners around me that I thought somebody was trying to set me up or something. After the countless of runner passed me by, I stopped caring. I forgot about the fact that I too, used to run. I never thought that letting go is an easy business.

I found one awesome pair of shoes that I am considering to use as my main running shoe. I have been running with my five fingers for so long that normal, thick running shoes don't even do it for me anymore, but at the same time, the fivefingers give me bad blisters after 10k. this pair looks like a lightweight trainer than a running shoe, which closely resembles the feel of fivefingers. but im broke.

we will see won't we.


  1. Which are those Nadia? I have also been using vff for.a.long while and recently alternated with my K-swiss. Of course it was heaven lah with all the cushioning support. Will still alternate now and then with the hope of full barefoot running one day. My soles are getting a lot of thrashing with the vibrams and requires some rest every now and then.

  2. i am also looking for a lightweight trainer. For my short runs. Thinking of Nike Free. I might buy that in Singapore, if I have time to shop. There is a new NIKE factory outlet in Singapore, I found out.

    We'll see. I like lightweight trainers. I have used my Pearl Izumi trainers for a few marathon, until it has holes more than a golf course. The shoe is no longer in production, unfortunately. Up till now, I have not found a similar pair. :(

    How's London?